A dark Emacs theme with lambent color highlights and incremental grays
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Klere Theme for the Emacs Editor

A dark Emacs theme with lambent color highlights and incremental grays

Why I Created Klere

Put simply, I wanted bright colors though without clashing. I like dark themes and colors that seem more radiant; not like they cut through the black/dark-gray in distinct lines, like pastels might, but would seem to radiate from the dark, softy glowing.

So, putting colors together bit by bit, I came up with Klere; it's bright but not in a way that overpowers its dark-gray background of the other shades of gray that outline the other fixtures: vibrant colors for highlight, grays for outlines; that's the hope, at least.


TextInfo and Org Modes and Dired Web, Lisp, and Java Modes

How to Download/Install

Klere is on Melpa; you can install it by running M-x list-packages in Emacs and searching for klere-theme if you have the Melpa repository loaded by Package. If you don't have the repository added – yet –, you can find instructions for how to add it at the Melpa Github page.

If you don't want to use either Melpa or Emacs's package manager, choose a directory to store your themes in (or, at least, Klere in) – such as ~/.emacs.d/themes – and load them as so: (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes/") in your emacs init file. You can, then, load the theme via customize or adding (load-theme 'klere t) to your init file, as well.