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CodeIgniter Sparks Package for Datamapper ORM
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third_party/datamapper Updated to version hosted in bitbucket. initial Datamapper spark setup reset the spark version to 1.8.2. otherwise it doesn't build

Datamapper ORM

DataMapper is an Object Relational Mapper written in PHP for CodeIgniter. It is designed to map your Database tables into easy to work with objects, fully aware of the relationships between each other.

General Features

  • Everything is an object!
  • Easy to setup, easy to use.
  • Custom Validation on object properties.
  • Lazy Loading (related objects are only loaded upon access).
  • Relations and their integrity are automatically managed for you.
  • One to One, One to Many, and Many to Many relations fully supported.
  • Select data in the style of Active Record (with or without Method Chaining).

If you are new to Datamapper ORM, please start here to get Datamapper ORM running on your server. Then follow along with the Next Topic links at the bottom of each page.

If you are an existing Datamapper ORM user, you will find changes in new releases and upgrade instructions.

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