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✨ Another OneDrive Directory Index.

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A simple, full-featured OneDrive directory index web app, Built on top of the Laravel framework. Using the Microsoft Graph API present content,support multiple accounts,multiple themes.


  • OneDrive directory index
  • Support for different types of resources preview
  • support multiple accounts

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This project is base of the Laravel framework,Please refer to the relevant documentation.


cd web-project
git clone tmp 
mv tmp/.git . 
rm -rf tmp 
git reset --hard 
composer install -vvv  # Install Dependencies
chmod -R 777 storage # Important!!!Ensure that the cache directory has read and write permissions
chown -R www:www * # this 'www' refer to the serve user group
composer run install-app # installation app

Bug report

Please read before bug report《How To Ask Questions The Smart Way》

4 way to bug report:

  1. GitHub issue
  2. GitHub discussions
  3. My Blog


  1. OLAINDEX Command Line Version.Project Address OLAINDEX-CMD

  2. This software is only for daily study and should not be used for any commercial purposes. Please abide by the laws of your country. Any illegal behavior is the responsibility of the user.

  3. If you use this application, please try to keep the copyright at the bottom and share it with more people.Thanks.

💖 Support the project

I open-source almost everything I can, and I try to reply to everyone needing help using these projects. Obviously, this takes time. You can use this service for free.

However, if you are using this project and happy with it or just want to encourage me to continue creating stuff, there are few ways you can do it :-

  • Starring and sharing the project 🚀
  • - You can make one-time donations via PayPal. I'll probably buy a coffee tea. 🍵
  • Wechat & AliPay

Thanks! ❤️


The OLAINDEX is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.

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