PWM on any pins use Arduino101
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CuriePWM for Arduino101 / CurieNano


Use Timer1 on Curie to PWM on any pins,this library can't work together with CurieTimerOne or Servo library.


  1. clone this repo

  2. move CuriePWM Directory to [Arduino Directory]/libraries

  3. In Arduino IDE, open an example in file->examples->CuriePWM

  4. just run it!

API Description

1. Enable all PWMs.

void CuriePWMEnableAll();

2. Disable all PWMs.

void CuriePWMDisableAll();

3. Function: set PWM duty(0~100) on one pin

void CuriePWM(unsigned char pin, unsigned int duty);

4. Stop PWM on one pin, and set it LOW

void CuriePWMStop(unsigned char pin);