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This repo contains the codes of training our CaaM on NICO/ImageNet9 dataset. Due to my recent limited bandwidth, this codebase is still messy, which will be further refined and checked recently.

0. Bibtex

If you find our codes helpful, please cite our paper:

  title={Causal Attention for Unbiased Visual Recognition},
  author={Wang, Tan and Zhou, Chang and Sun, Qianru and Zhang, Hanwang},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)},

1. Preparation

  1. Installation: Python3.6, Pytorch1.6, tensorboard, timm(0.3.4), scikit-learn, opencv-python, matplotlib, yaml
  2. Dataset:
  1. Please remember to change the data path in the config file.

2. Evaluation:

  1. For ResNet18 on NICO dataset
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python -cfg conf/ours_resnet18_multilayer2_bf0.02_noenv_pw5e5.yaml -debug -gpu -eval pretrain_model/nico_resnet18_ours_caam-best.pth

The results will be: Val Score: 0.4638461470603943 Test Score: 0.4661538600921631

  1. For T2T-ViT7 on NICO dataset
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0,1 python -cfg conf/ours_t2tvit7_bf0.02_s4_noenv_pw5e4.yaml -debug -gpu -multigpu -eval pretrain_model/nico_t2tvit7_ours_caam-best.pth

The results will be: Val Score: 0.3799999952316284 Test Score: 0.3761538565158844

  1. For ImageNet-9 dataset

Similarly, the pretrained model is in pretrain_model. Please note that on ImageNet9, we report the best performance for the 3 metrics in our paper. The pretrained model is for bias and unbias and we did not save the model for the best ImageNet-A.

3. Train

To perform training, please run the sh file in scripts. For example:

sh scripts/

4. An interesting finding

Recently I found an interesting thing by accident. The mixup added on the baseline model would not bring much performance improvements (see Table 1. in the main paper). However, when performing mixup based on our CaaM, the performance can be further boosted.

Specifically, you can active the mixup by:

sh scripts/

This can make our CaaM achieve about 50~51% Val & Test accuracy on NICO dataset.


Special thanks to the authors of ReBias and IRM, and the datasets used in this research project.

If you have any question or find any bug, please kindly email me.


[ICCV 2021] Released code for Causal Attention for Unbiased Visual Recognition






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