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Dynode is a node.js driver for working with Amazon's DynamoDB service.


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl | sh

Installing dynode

  $ [sudo] npm install dynode


Dynode is designed to be a simple and easy way to work with Amazon's DynamoDB service. Amazon's http api is complicated and non obvious how to interact with it. This driver aims to offer a simplified more obvious way of working with DynamoDB, but without getting in your way or limiting what you can do with DynamoDB.


There are two different ways to use dynode: directly via the default dynamoDB client, or by instantiating your own client. The former is merely intended to be a convenient shared client to use throughout your application if you so choose.

Using the Default DynamoDB Client

The default client is accessible through the dynode module directly. Any method that you could call on an instance of a client is available on the default client:

  var dynode = require('dynode');
  dynode.auth({accessKeyId: "AWSAccessKey", secretAccessKey: "SecretAccessKey"});

  dynode.createTable("NewTable", console.log);

Instantiating your own DynamoDB Client

If you would prefer to manage your own client, pontentially with different auth params if you want:

  var client = new (dynode.Client)({
    accessKeyId: "AWSAccessKey", secretAccessKey: "SecretAccessKey"

API Documentation


All tests are written with mocha and should be run with make:

  $ make test

Author: Ryan Fitzgerald

License: Apache 2.0

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