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Creating Database Queries

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After you created your Database Connection, now it's time to setup a Database Query. Right click the Database Connection step:

Open Database Actions:

Add Database Query:

Then click the Query Builder button, in order to setup your query:

Open the database tables drop-down and select a table:

If you want to add all the table columns to the query, you don't have to do anything else - the table is already added. If you want to add specific columns to the query, just select them and click the add button:

Then, click the Conditions tab:

Here you can setup your query conditions, just select a column:

Then select a condition:

And add a value for the condition:

You can add multiple conditions or groups of conditions to your queries:

Just select the operator for the new condition: AND or OR (1) and then setup your condition (2):

You can add sorting options to your query, select the Sorting tab:

Select the column you want to sort the query by (1) and add it to the sort list (2):

Then just select the sort order:

You can see the generated code for your database query, which you generated fully visual:

Click OK in order to apply the query options:

Do not forget to save your server action:

You can preview your query results by selecting the server action and then clicking the Open in Browser button:

The results will be loaded in your browser:

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