KineticJS-Ext is a modified version of KineticJS, an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript library that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications. The author of the original KineticJS is Eric Rowell
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KineticJs Extended (kinetic-ext) Javascript Library

KineticJs Extended "extends" KineticJs, an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript library.

Key Features

  • Layer scene culling support
  • Extensible and customizable draw sort order control
  • Automated redraws when node's are marked for redraw
  • Node transform retrieval capability
  • Overridable drag behavior
  • Stage view bounds limiting

Features in development


The library also includes substantial portions of Simon Sarris's Transform Javascript class


This project is licensed under the MIT license and/or GPL v2 license.


  • Eric Rowell and Antoine Proulx for the original KineticJS GitHub source (
  • Simon Sarris for a substantial part of the Kinetic.Transform source code (
  • Yusuf Sasak for the functionality to override default mouse detection methods
  • Chris Khoo (Wappworks Studio)

Build environment



  • The build environment is found under the 'tools' subdirectory.
  • The build pipeline relies on YUI3 compressor ( A version of YUI3 compressor has been integrated into the source package to create an standalone build environment package.
  • By default, the Ant build script 'build/antbuild.xml' builds all the library packages.
    • To build just the source files, use the 'buildcode' target instead.