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this quest does not show up on map and after looking all over the areas I cannot find the corpse cart


The Festering Corpse Cart does exist. I added a questmarker to make it easyer to find it.
Live next patch.

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I am still having trouble with this quest, I am not seeing the quest marker on my map. I think it may be because this quest for some reason does not show on the list beside the region map when you pull up the map. the quest is not listed with the others maybe that's why the quest marker is not showing on the map. Could this be causing the marker not to show?

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Gakvar commented Sep 16, 2016

I was trying to complete this quest and I can't find the cart anywhere either, I checked the graveyard where it's supposed to be, checked the carts around the farms and the town, none of them is the cart the quest refers to.


Can't find the cart or at least quest marker anywhere.
Where it must be?

lennip commented Nov 2, 2016

Update: I had the same problem, I finally found the cart and the body of Marquis Scholler (the guy we're supposed to find), they are near the entrance of the small cemetery in front of the Haunted Mill (facing Emp Chapt 14, on the other side of the river). But, neither the cart nor Scholler's body are clickable, so the quest cannot be completed. And there still is no quest marker on the map.


fix coming next patch


Fixed @Luth-RoR .

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