Revoltin' Gobbos - Public Quest Chapter 11 Dwarfs #8649

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Razielhell commented Dec 19, 2016 edited
  • Stage 1 needs to kill 100 Moonfang Stickpointa.
    There are only a few of them inside the takes forever to complete first stage...either reduce it down to 50...or fill the area with more Stick pointa.I think adding more mobs is more appropriate.PQ area is empty atm.
  • Stage 2 looks impossible...even with 9 Players of Tier 3...! Because Champions are linked with if you pull 1 all come to you.
    warhammer online age of reckoning 12 19 2016 - 18 37 40 01

(Need to unlink all mobs)


Added some more gobbos, but i'm not sure about the hero being an issue since its a hard PQ designed for 9+ players. left that stage as it was. (the PQ is not meant be to able to do solo or 2 players)

Razielhell commented Dec 24, 2016 edited

Yeah you are right.Its fine.Just the mob linking system make it hard because if you pull 1, all of them come.

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