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Running the new PQs from patch, in stage 2 all mobs aggro at once if you attack one. Mabye scatter them a bit if possible.

Razielhell commented Dec 29, 2016 edited

Please change title of the ticket to : Ankul Grob - Public Quest Dwarf Chapter 19
For easier access.
In addition :

  • There are a couple of Oathbearers that spawn inside of the PQ.They are aggressive and dont have names above their heads.
  • This herda doesnt count in PQ.There are a few more Squigs and Herdas too that dont count.
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Natherul commented Jan 1, 2017

fixed all but the OP as I would want a go ahead from @Torquemadra before I address something like that :D
Also fixed the last stage where the anvil part was completed by opening the door

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Razielhell commented Jan 8, 2017 edited
  • Doors have name :P Its in PQ area so i couldnt skip it :(
    warhammer online age of reckoning 01 08 2017 - 17 21 48 07
  • On Stage 2 Drakk Guardians are double spawns.
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Hargrim commented Jan 16, 2017

Just checked - Drakk Guardians are not double spawns.


Will do a run again today and post a screenshot...

Razielhell commented Jan 16, 2017 edited

There are too many and i cant get too close to take a screenshot but i can understand when they are double spawn! They shine and glitch. Please check them. There are more double spawns in Stage 2.
LOL screenshoot cant show it clear ;/
warhammer online age of reckoning 01 16 2017 - 20 14 44 04

Hargrim commented Jan 17, 2017

It seems that there is an issue with PQ spawns - from DB pov there are only 10 spawn of Drakk Guardians:


Please create a ticket for this issue (sometimes NPCs spawn twice on PQ - reason unknown) and link this case to it.

I will try to scatter them a bit, one day. Maybe 5 groups instead of 3 big ones.

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