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Soulwhisper commented Dec 29, 2016 edited
  • This mob doesnt count in the first Stage of the PQ.
    warhammer online age of reckoning 12 29 2016 - 16 35 55 05
  • Also Stage 1 needs 75 of them and there are only around 10-15 in the area and scattered.A mob rearrangement would be nice!
  • Many Ambushas in Stage 1 are unattackable.You press the abilities but it cancels.Dont know why.They can take AoE damage though.Mostly those which are in sit position.
Natherul commented Jan 1, 2017

will be fixed on the next update, I cant confirm the bug about not being able to attack some of them however, did some testing and it worked fine for me.

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Still have the same issue with attacking some of Ambushas! Sometimes you can attack them but sometimes you cant...i dont know whats going on! Its too random.

@Luth-RoR Luth-RoR reopened this Jan 8, 2017
Luth-RoR commented Jan 8, 2017 edited

Do they take damage from untargeted AOE?
Edit: nvm, i just read what you wrote up there.

Luth-RoR commented Jan 8, 2017

Iirc one of the patches in the last months fixed many of these NPCs: maybe some remnants.


They bug for some seconds...if you move and try to attack them again you might succeed.

Hargrim commented Jan 16, 2017

Added 10 more previously missing ambushas to the PQ.

There are 46 Ambushas around, enough to do it fast.

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