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DarkUI for OSX color picker
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####Fed up with the dumb OSX color picker? How about one with Pixelmator style?


1.1 1. Fix a bug that will crash the application. 2. Fix layout issue when there's a "choose" button in the color picker

1.0 ( Tested in 10.9.2, should support 10.8 though )


  • Since most of the colorpicker out there won't look good in a dark window. So, once InnocentColorPicker is activated, it'll hide the toolbar making you unable to change to other colorpickers anymore!
  • InnocentColorPicker might not be automatically activated if there're other custom colorpickers.
  • The toolbar will be visible after you uninstall InnocentColorPicker.


  1. Download InnocentColorPicker
  2. Unarchive
  3. Copy Innocent.colorPicker to ~/Library/ColorPickers


Remove ~/Library/ColorPickers/Innocent.colorPicker

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