@Predz Predz released this Jan 17, 2016 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Changed delays in Warcraft GO to use the new Delay class in Source.Python
  • Added a new ability class method to allow construction of multiple abilities in heroes. May change method of how this is done at a later date.
  • Updated the menus and heroes to use a new meet_requirements class method. This allows you to use custom requirements for each hero. Return True for the Buy button to be enabled, and return False for the Buy button to be disabled.
  • Other minor fixes, but not needed to go in depth with these.

Please update your version of Source.Python along with this. As the new version uses a lot of the new feature only available in the newer versions.

Also update your version of EasyPlayer because I have updated the delays in EasyPlayer too. https://github.com/Mahi/EasyPlayer