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Windows Notes

These notes will help with installing and running the Smallest Federated Wiki on Windows.

Install and Launch (Sinatra)

The Sinstra server requires Ruby, this can be installed from RubyInstaller for Windows. As well as the Ruby Installer, you will also need the Development Kit to compile some of the Gem files. These notes have been written/tested with Ruby version 1.9.3.

N.B. See Development Kit for installation instructions.

Open a command window - ensure that Ruby, the Development Kit, and Git have all been added to the environment (there are scripts in the ruby and development kit directories if necessary).

The server is a ruby bundle. Get the bundler gem and then use it to get everything else:

gem install bundler
bundle update

It is probably best to use bundle update rather than bundle install so that the latest version of the gems are installed. There are know problems with eventmachine (0.12.10) not installing, and with in-line code in the PNG (1.2.0) gem this will be seen as an error when the server is started - if the update to the PNG gem has not been release, see Fixed a misordered block of C code for the changes needed to the PNG gem code.

Launch the server with this bundle command:

cd server\sinatra 
bundle exec rackup -s thin -p 1111

Now go to your browser and browse your new wiki: