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Naive question. Starting a farm in Express. #189

interstar opened this Issue · 7 comments

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How do I start my express / node server in "farm" mode?


What do you mean by "farm" mode? Do mean creating a cluster of Express server instances?



I understand there's a mode which means that whenever a someone comes in on a new subdomain a new wiki is created for that subdomain. Eg. if I'm runnning SFW on and someone comes in on then there's a new "steve" wiki created. It's one running instance of the express server (I think ???) but multiple collections of pages.


There was talk of a command line option for that. I think that was the Sinatra server though, and that the feature was missing in the express server.

Kyle has the description of the behavior correct. It's supposed to create server instances automatically.


I found a list of options in a source file that looks readable. In fact, I bet there is some way to get the server to print this out nicely at the command line.

The sinatra server doesn't yet have any command line options. However, if you have data/farm directory then it will create sites on demand and save them under virtual host names in the farm directory. I make new virtual hosts on my laptop by editing /etc/hosts.


./bin/server.js --help

will print out all the command line options.

./bin/server.js -f

Will start the server in farm mode, with otherwise default options.


Allow me to close this issue. Thanks.

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