pages opened in a new window/tab have a different journal style #244

RandomEtc opened this Issue Jun 1, 2012 · 1 comment

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I noticed that if I open a page in a new window then the journal only has letters (a for add, e for edit etc) instead of the nice icons that usually appear.

Perhaps the code that generates the HTML server side and the HTML client side could be combined or share a template somehow? Or the client could reformat the journal to its own tastes once the page has loaded and the javascript kicks in?

This is somewhat related to #243, in the sense that it's something else I noticed when opening pages in a new tab... it's also something I'd be happy to help with once I understand what's going on a bit more.


The server-side rendering is just enough for robots to look at and to not be broken completely when someone turns off javascript.

I've now observed the journal letters, as you describe, not the journal symbols we now expect. This surprises me because Show-Source shows that the page was rendered client-side.

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