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I see the plugin system has changed a bit, with plugins in subdirectories, a factory file, a documentation page.

I think I can work out what it's doing, but when I run the latest version of SFW, I can't see any factory options for any of the default plugin types appearing when I hit + to create a new paragraph.

Is this a bug? Or do you now choose plugin types in a different way?


WardCunningham commented Oct 1, 2012 shows how to select plugins. is a good place to experiment

This behavior is driven by factory.json files in select plugins. The express server doesn't yet support interpreting these files.

Ah. OK. Thanks. It's because I'm on express.

Is anyone working on the express version at the moment?


WardCunningham commented Nov 1, 2012

Express should be handling the plugins correctly. Thanks @nrn of commit 5ccb2cc.

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