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Heya :)

given that
npm start

has been configured to do something (in the server/express dir, it starts the express server, in the client dir it runs browserify) I thought I'd just use it.

I've made changes to the builder.pl so that it just works on linux - I don't know if i broke it on OSX - but i hope its a simple fix.

browserify is supposed to have a -w like coffeescript does - something for someone to look into :)



as usual, I'm playing in one branch, so other fixes are then added to the pull request - clearly I need to get more used to branching

the additional commits are :
1 style changes to show the header, and to make it obvious what the 'current site' is - when I have my screen full of remote wiki pages, and chrome decides it does not need to show the tab's favicon, I need a reminder of where I am
2 add a close page link - this has bugged me right from the begining - when I want to show someone a story, I need to close some distractions.


Good stuff Sven, no idea why it didn't occur to me to use npm start to start the server!


I don't get it. What problem are you trying to solve? I'm always suspicious when I see constants like 60 in the code.

yeah, 60 is a hack.

as per the comment - the 60 is to give the user a way to scoll back towards the first open page.

ok - the 'bug' report:

When I'm browsing my fed-wiki, and opening lots of windows (most often by followng a click stream), I get into a situation where I have many more pages open than can fit on my screen. I then want to refer back to one of the much earlier pages, but I can't get to it because the UI scroll code is butting the left part of the left most page being displayed against the left edge of the screen. by subtracting 60px, I'm revealing a small portion of the previous page too - and clicking on it will scroll it into view (plus a little bit of the next previous one)

this is all a short term solution - really we should have a scrollbar giving the user an idea of the width of the open pages

The left and right arrows will help you out.

If you click the large flag (favicon-lsh thing at the top) you will start at Welcome Visitors for that site.


I cherry-picked the 2 small dev tool changes. I'll leave the rest open to discussion.


the header bar is there in fed-wiki, but you can't see it - and it prevents you from clicking the top 20px of the pages, so that commit is to make it more obvious - At this point, I'd remove the header entirely.


32ca6b7 removes the unintentional header.


ok, the remainder is to do with close button (a913e64 and e9a9bcd) on the page and scolling hints for the user (e9a9bcd).

close: When I want to view of show a story, I often open some pages (in the middle of the story) that I decide afterwards are a distraction, and want to stop showing them. the well known UI way to do that, is to click the close button on that page. (at the moment i think i need to edit the url and refresh?)

scrolling: oh my, i never thought to take my hands off the mouse while browsing to use the arrow keys - we still don't give the user feedback that there is a page there to scroll to - thats what the -60 is for.


made a video of the close and 60px in action: http://youtu.be/oHL30PgpxnY


I'm going to close this, and start a new task and consider a better implementation of the scroll indicator see #214

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