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Some observations:

What you will see in the code is the current state of a process of discovery.

There are a lot of insightful patterns out there besides CA's.

CA's are good - and so are many of the others.

Would it not be a nice thing to be able to compare and contrast patterns from a variety of sources?

Can we not use our computer skills to fetch and collate and organize thousands of patterns?

Would it be possible to so curate and DJ the patterns into a fascinating number of separate boutiques or galleries of patterns?

Could we not assemble these groups patterns for homemakers, designers, contractors or developers?

Could we not do the same for different languages and locales?

And most importantly, can we not do this mostly by algorithm?

Can we not access a ton of stuff on the Internet and make it more accessible and convenient for special circumstances and needs?

If we were able to package a plethora of patterns for architecture, then could we not do the same for agriculture or law or accounting?

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