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Branch: guiscaling
Commits on Mar 31, 2015
  1. Inlined npot2 function.

    Warr1024 committed Mar 24, 2015
  2. Typo.

    Warr1024 committed Mar 24, 2015
  3. Merged 2 "npot2" implementations into one numeric utility function.

    Warr1024 committed Mar 24, 2015
    Also added proper credit for public-domain algorithm.
  4. Code style.

    Warr1024 committed Mar 23, 2015
  5. Cache generated textures, too, and clear on new login.

    Warr1024 committed Mar 23, 2015
    This ensures that connecting to different servers (or different
    restarts of the same server) in the same session gives non-stale
    textures, in case textures with the same name changed.  Also
    frees up some memory when server-hopping.
  6. Connection::Receive(): receive Network Packet instead of SharedBuffer…

    nerzhul committed Mar 31, 2015
    Because we get a Buffer<u8> from ConnectionEvent, don't convert it to SharedBuffer<u8> and return it to Server/Client::Receive which will convert it to NetworkPacket
    Instead, put the Buffer<u8> directly to NetworkPacket and return it to packet processing
    This remove a long existing memory copy
    Also check the packet size directly into Connection::Receive instead of packet processing
  7. RunCommandQueues: little optimization

    nerzhul committed Mar 31, 2015
    remove command from queue on success, else do nothing, instead of remove command from queue and push it front on success
  8. Move texture_min_size even further down the pipe. Now, textures are J…

    Warr1024 authored and Zeno- committed Mar 31, 2015
    …IT-upscaled using an image transformation, right at the time they're added to a mesh or particle; images used in 2D elements are left unscaled. This should fix any remaining issues with HUD elements.
  9. Change format of screenshot names

    Zeno- committed Mar 31, 2015
    Filename screenshot_ + ISO 8601 format + [-serial]
    i.e. screenshot_YYYY-MM-DDTHH::MM::SS[-serial].png
    Serial is added if the filename + timestamp already exists and is in the range 1 to 999
  10. GenElementManager: Pass opaque handles to Lua and rename to ObjDefMan…

    kwolekr committed Mar 31, 2015
    Add core.clear_registered_schematics() and refactor schematics somewhat
Commits on Mar 30, 2015
Commits on Mar 29, 2015
  1. On Android enable always fast

    Zeno- committed Mar 28, 2015
    Invert the meaning of holding down the fast button (i.e. holding down the fast button -- if there is one -- means walk), unless performing an action, sneaking or jumping.
    Still requires fast move to be toggled on (and fast priv)
  2. Let main menu scale (non-Android)

    Zeno- committed Mar 29, 2015
    This fixes main menu not fitting for 800x600 (and lower resolutions) on PC builds
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