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Jekyll plugin to generate src attribute for an img tag with the given image, and also the srcset with an appropriate @2x path for the image if one exists on the filesystem.
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Jekyll TwoXify

Generate the @2x img tag src and srcset (see attributes for a given image path, only including a 2x srcset if it exists on the filesystem.

Doesn't this seem like overkill for a simple thing?

Listen, I got really tired of pasting this absolute nonsense into my templates all over the place:

  {% assign retinaImage = postImage | split: "" | reverse | join: "" | replace_first: '.', '.x2@' | split: "" | reverse | join: "" %}




One of two options:

Bundler Config

⚠️ If using bundler with a vendor prefix, this is the required method

  1. In your Gemfile, add the jekyll_plugins group if it doesn't already exist, and add jekyll-twoxify to it. For example:
group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem "jekyll-twoxify"
  1. Tell bundler to install any plugins with
$ bundle install

Jekyll Config

  1. In your _config.yml, add the plugins key if it doesn't already exist, and add a value of jekyll-twoxify. For example:

      - jekyll-twoxify
  2. Install this gem

$ gem install jekyll-twoxify



Add the twoxify template tag to any img tag in place of both the src and srcset attributes, with the desired image path. The tag will output the src value and, if it exists in the filesystem, the srcset attribute with the @2x path. It will automagically prepend the site.url to both paths.

Pass in image as a string:

<img {% twoxify "assets/img/mycoolphoto.jpg" %} />

If mycoolphoto@2x.jpg exists, results in:

  srcset=" 2x" />


<img src="" />

Variables or frontmatter are also supported:

<img {% twoxify post.image %} />

{% assign copied_image = "/assets/wow/numbertwo.png" %}
<img {% twoxify copied_image %} />
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