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Update: This project is on hold until the Unity 5 release. There's a lot of new features coming that overlap with what I've done or have been working on. So rather than double up on efforts, I'll reevaluate when the time comes :) Custom configuration file for Kerbal Attachment System that allows for significant reconfiguration of spacecraft and …
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MonkeyWrench: When subtlety and finesse just won't do.

A variety of new and customized parts, adding more flexibility both on the ground and mid-mission.

=============================================================== New parts:

  • Two-part orbital cargo drop system with integral air brakes.
  • Vernier omnidirectional RCS, uses LFO mix (Uses ModuleRCSFX) Designed for moving heavy craft and stations around. TweakScale compatible for even bigger (and smaller) uses.
    • Note: currently an issue with displaying the RCS plumes. Looking into this.
  • More coming soon!

Config file adjustments to add functionality to existing parts

  • Short range radio and MechJeb added to Universal Storage EVA-X pack for RemoteTech
  • KAS-grabbable MechJeb AR202

(All listed mods required for functionality)

=============================================================== KAS Grab & Storage support, modifications to existing parts:

  • B9_Aerospace
  • DMagic Orbital Science
  • Small Hex Cans
  • Interstellar
  • Kerbal Attachment System
  • Storage containers now scale with TweakScale size adjustments
  • KW Rocketry
  • MechJeb
    • Add 1km RemoteTech antenna
  • RealChute
  • RemoteTech
  • StationScience
  • SurfaceLights
  • SCANsat
  • Squad (Additional stock parts, with storage size & balance adjustments)
    • Power generation to launch clamps
    • KAS Node dock capability for 1x and 3x truss segments

=============================================================== Changes: v0.1.7

  • Added support: (Thanks, rabidninjawombat!)
    • Modular Rocket Systems
    • NovaPunch2
    • RLA Stockalike
    • Tantares
  • Drop Pod changes
    • FAR compatibility fix for the drop pod. Now properly categorized as shielding the cargo.
    • Additional model and texture fixes v0.1.6
  • Added cargo drop pod for safe reentry when using FAR/DRE
  • Reorganized art asset structure
  • Added Firespitter
  • Updated ModuleManager to 2.5.6 v0.1.5
  • *** Initial Release ***
  • Increased scale options for most Infernal Robotics parts (Now in Huge Size!)
    • Outfitter Maintenance Drone radio
  • Remove KAS container TweakScale customizations, thanks to the 1.47 release of TweakScale which does the same thing :)
  • Externalized config files for 3rd-party mods
    • 5m refinery
    • Reconfigure Universal Storage safety decoupler
  • Updated to ModuleRCSFX v3.2
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