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A SCSS framework, combined with usefull HTML en Javascript snippets
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HTML & CSS template


This is a standard HTML and CSS based on HTML5 Boilerplate, Nathan Smith's 960 grid and pieces from Bootstrap 3. Also provided: coding guidelines to make everyting consistent.

Table of contents

  1. What do I get?
  2. Coding standards
  3. SCSS
  4. Javascript helpers
  5. Gulp
  6. Browser Support

What do I get?

  • A SCSS framework, combined with usefull HTML en Javascript snippets
  • A dynamic, fully responsive grid system, rendered with SCSS to fulfill your wishes (dynamic grid size, maximum width and gutter width)

Coding standards

Coding Style

Use soft-tabs with a four space indent.

Put spaces after : in property declarations.

background: #000000;

Put spaces before { in rule declarations.

#foo {

Use hex color codes #000000 unless using rgba, six digits.

Pixels vs. Ems

Use px for font-size, because it offers absolute control over text. Additionally, unit-less line-height is preferred because it does not inherit a percentage value of its parent element, but instead is based on a multiplier of the font-size.

ID & Class naming

It is always preferable to name something, be it an ID or a class, by the nature of what it is rather than by what it looks like.

NOT .bigBlueText
YES .noteText

Use dashes in classnames and id's.

.foo-bar {

If you must use an id selector (#selector) make sure that you have no more than one in your rule declaration. A rule like #header .search #quicksearch { ... } is considered harmful.

When declaring multiple classes in one rule, seperate them in multiple lines

.bar {

Links & buttons

Default styles for links should be declared and different from the main text styling (eg. underlined), and with differing styles for hover state.


include fonts with @import / @font-face

@import url(;

Javascript Coding Principles

(Almost) All code should be in an external file

All Boolean variables should start with "is"

var isValid = true;

All jQuery Objects shuild start with "$"

var $foo = $('#foo');

When declaring multiple vars, only use var once (Avoid unnecessary DOM references)

var foo = "",
    bar = "";

Avoid using global variables

Never leave console.log in the js when going live


This project contains a SCSS structure, rendered by Compass:

├── fs
|	└── animations
|	└── mixins
└── globals
|	└── forms
|   └── grid
|  	└── helpers
|  	└── normalize
|  	└── overrides
|  	└── bprint
└── project
|	└── page
|	└── typography
|	└── media
|		└── ...
└── vendor
	└── ...

The globals folder is the folder with all the default styling/components. Normally those files are there just to make life easier.

FS is the Funky Sh*t folder. In here you have some files for e.g. animations and mixins.

The project folder is where the magic happens. Everything you have to build for your project is written in these files.

Vendor is vendor. Easy.

Javscript helpers

The project also includes some JavaScript helpers functions. These functions are still under development so there will be a constant movement in the file.

If there is any need for some extra functionality, feel free to ask, or just add it yourself.


The project includes a Gulp file

Browser support

We support:

The last two versions of each common desktop browser

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Safari

The default mobile browsers

  • iOS: Safari
  • Andriod: Android Browser
  • Windows Phone: IE
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