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New version of the aniMango site for the University of Warwick Anime and Manga Society.

This is the code that runs

Built on Django and Bootstrap using a large amount of code from the old site.

Running the Project

To run the site locally for development, you should set up a virtual environment running Python 3.8.5 and install all the necessary dependencies from requirements.txt . Additionally, you will need a MySQL server running in the same format as the one on the server.

This repository contains all the files needed to run the site, except for the config files, which future webmasters will need to copy to their machine from the server.

To build bootstrap with the overwrites used by the site, you will need to copy the bootstrap source files into .\static_files\scss and use pysassc to build ttam-bootstrap.scss.


  • Styling and CSS need to be tweaked to look like more than just a generic bootstrap site.
  • Sorting in the library does not hold between pages.
  • Stream viewcounter is broken.
  • (For the live site) The history entries from the old site DB need to be copied over.


The code that powers the University of Warwick Anime and Manga Society website