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Animu, Mango, managed with Django - aniMango!

This the main web framework code using python Django that will manage

Also, I'm trying to adhere to a strict 80-characters-per-line limit

MIT License

Running the project

To run the project, the best way to go about doing so is to clone the repo into a directory, set-up the virtual-env and install all of the dependencies. Current dependencies are listed in requirements.txt. Once this has been ran, if on a local machine, you will need to create the config files. These are not included in the program until I get round to cleaning them up. As such, for any future webmasters, clone the repo, and then copy in the files that are missing from the server.

A local version of the site will also require a MySQL server running in the same format as the one on the main site. Once this is configured, run python runserver to execute the site.

API Documentation

API Documentation can be found here. More endpoints will be added as time goes on.

Pull requests

In the event that you see something in here that could be improved, feel free to create a pull request and the webmaster will attempt to merge the change into the repo. For general suggestions, please create a issue, join the society Discord server, or email the webmaster at


The code that powers the University of Warwick Anime and Manga Society website




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