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This file is part of Warzone 2100.
Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Eidos Interactive
Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Warzone 2100 Project
Warzone 2100 is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Warzone 2100 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Warzone 2100; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
/** @file
* Definitions for the droid object.
#include "lib/framework/string_ext.h"
#include "lib/gamelib/gtime.h"
#include "objectdef.h"
#include "stats.h"
#include "visibility.h"
#define OFF_SCREEN 9999 // world->screen check - alex
#define REPAIRLEV_LOW 50 // percentage of body points remaining at which to repair droid automatically.
#define REPAIRLEV_HIGH 75 // ditto, but this will repair much sooner..
#define MAX_MP_DROIDS 150
#define MAX_SP_DROIDS 100
#define MAX_SP_AI_DROIDS 999
// Changing this breaks campaign saves!
//used to stop structures being built too near the edge and droids being placed down
#define TOO_NEAR_EDGE 3
/* Define max number of allowed droids per droid type */
#define MAX_COMMAND_DROIDS 10 // max number of commanders a player can have
#define MAX_CONSTRUCTOR_DROIDS 15 // max number of constructors a player can have
/* Experience modifies */
#define EXP_REDUCE_DAMAGE 6 // damage of a droid is reduced by this value per experience level, in %
#define EXP_ACCURACY_BONUS 5 // accuracy of a droid is increased by this value per experience level, in %
#define EXP_SPEED_BONUS 5 // speed of a droid is increased by this value per experience level, in %
/* Misc accuracy modifiers */
#define FOM_PARTIAL_ACCURACY_PENALTY 50 // penalty for not being fully able to fire while moving, in %
/* Minumum number of droids a commander can control in its group */
// the structure that was last hit
extern DROID *psLastDroidHit;
// initialise droid module
extern bool droidInit(void);
extern void removeDroidBase(DROID *psDel);
extern bool loadDroidWeapons(const char *pWeaponData, UDWORD bufferSize);
uint32_t secondaryOrder;
int32_t moveToX;
int32_t moveToY;
uint32_t factoryId;
/*Builds an instance of a Structure - the x/y passed in are in world coords.*/
/// Sends a GAME_DROID message if bMultiMessages is true, or actually creates it if false. Only uses initialOrders if sending a GAME_DROID message.
extern DROID* buildDroid(DROID_TEMPLATE *pTemplate, UDWORD x, UDWORD y, UDWORD player, bool onMission, const INITIAL_DROID_ORDERS *initialOrders);
/// Creates a droid locally, instead of sending a message, even if the bMultiMessages HACK is set to true.
DROID *reallyBuildDroid(DROID_TEMPLATE *pTemplate, Position pos, UDWORD player, bool onMission, Rotation rot = Rotation());
/* Set the asBits in a DROID structure given it's template. */
extern void droidSetBits(DROID_TEMPLATE *pTemplate,DROID *psDroid);
/* Calculate the weight of a droid from it's template */
extern UDWORD calcDroidWeight(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate);
/* Calculate the power points required to build/maintain a droid */
extern UDWORD calcDroidPower(DROID *psDroid);
// Calculate the number of points required to build a droid
extern UDWORD calcDroidPoints(DROID *psDroid);
/* Calculate the body points of a droid from it's template */
extern UDWORD calcTemplateBody(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate, UBYTE player);
/* Calculate the base body points of a droid without upgrades*/
extern UDWORD calcDroidBaseBody(DROID *psDroid);
/* Calculate the base speed of a droid from it's template */
extern UDWORD calcDroidBaseSpeed(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate, UDWORD weight, UBYTE player);
/* Calculate the speed of a droid over a terrain */
extern UDWORD calcDroidSpeed(UDWORD baseSpeed, UDWORD terrainType, UDWORD propIndex, UDWORD level);
/* Calculate the points required to build the template */
extern UDWORD calcTemplateBuild(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate);
/* Calculate the power points required to build/maintain the droid */
extern UDWORD calcTemplatePower(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate);
// return whether a droid is IDF
bool idfDroid(DROID *psDroid);
/* Do damage to a droid */
int32_t droidDamage(DROID *psDroid, unsigned damage, WEAPON_CLASS weaponClass, WEAPON_SUBCLASS weaponSubClass, unsigned impactTime, bool isDamagePerSecond);
/* The main update routine for all droids */
extern void droidUpdate(DROID *psDroid);
/* Set up a droid to build a structure - returns true if successful */
enum DroidStartBuild {DroidStartBuildFailed, DroidStartBuildSuccess, DroidStartBuildPending};
DroidStartBuild droidStartBuild(DROID *psDroid);
/* Sets a droid to start demolishing - returns true if successful */
extern bool droidStartDemolishing( DROID *psDroid );
/* Update a construction droid while it is demolishing
returns true while demolishing */
extern bool droidUpdateDemolishing( DROID *psDroid );
/* Sets a droid to start repairing - returns true if successful */
extern bool droidStartRepair( DROID *psDroid );
/* Update a construction droid while it is repairing
returns true while repairing */
extern bool droidUpdateRepair( DROID *psDroid );
/*Start a Repair Droid working on a damaged droid - returns true if successful*/
extern bool droidStartDroidRepair( DROID *psDroid );
/*Updates a Repair Droid working on a damaged droid - returns true whilst repairing*/
extern bool droidUpdateDroidRepair(DROID *psRepairDroid);
/* Update a construction droid while it is building
returns true while building continues */
extern bool droidUpdateBuild(DROID *psDroid);
/*Start a EW weapon droid working on a low resistance structure*/
extern bool droidStartRestore( DROID *psDroid );
/*continue restoring a structure*/
extern bool droidUpdateRestore( DROID *psDroid );
// recycle a droid (retain it's experience and some of it's cost)
extern void recycleDroid(DROID *psDel);
/* Remove a droid and free it's memory */
void destroyDroid(DROID *psDel, unsigned impactTime);
/* Same as destroy droid except no graphical effects */
extern void vanishDroid(DROID *psDel);
/* Burn a barbarian then destroy it */
extern void droidBurn( DROID * psDroid );
/* Remove a droid from the apsDroidLists so doesn't update or get drawn etc*/
//returns true if successfully removed from the list
extern bool droidRemove(DROID *psDroid, DROID *pList[MAX_PLAYERS]);
//free the storage for the droid templates
extern bool droidTemplateShutDown(void);
/* Return the type of a droid */
extern DROID_TYPE droidType(DROID *psDroid);
/* Return the type of a droid from it's template */
extern DROID_TYPE droidTemplateType(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate);
extern void assignDroidsToGroup(UDWORD playerNumber, UDWORD groupNumber);
extern bool activateGroup(UDWORD playerNumber, UDWORD groupNumber);
extern UDWORD getNumDroidsForLevel(UDWORD level);
extern bool activateGroupAndMove(UDWORD playerNumber, UDWORD groupNumber);
/* calculate muzzle tip location in 3d world added int weapon_slot to fix the always slot 0 hack*/
bool calcDroidMuzzleLocation(DROID *psDroid, Vector3i *muzzle, int weapon_slot);
/* calculate muzzle base location in 3d world added int weapon_slot to fix the always slot 0 hack*/
bool calcDroidMuzzleBaseLocation(DROID *psDroid, Vector3i *muzzle, int weapon_slot);
// finds a droid for the player and sets it to be the current selected droid
extern bool selectDroidByID(UDWORD id, UDWORD player);
/* Droid experience stuff */
extern unsigned int getDroidLevel(const DROID* psDroid);
extern UDWORD getDroidEffectiveLevel(DROID *psDroid);
extern const char *getDroidLevelName(DROID *psDroid);
// Get a droid's name.
extern const char *droidGetName(const DROID *psDroid);
// Set a droid's name.
extern void droidSetName(DROID *psDroid, const char *pName);
// returns true when no droid on x,y square.
extern bool noDroid (UDWORD x, UDWORD y); // true if no droid at x,y
// returns an x/y coord to place a droid
extern PICKTILE pickHalfATile (UDWORD *x, UDWORD *y, UBYTE numIterations);
extern bool zonedPAT(UDWORD x, UDWORD y);
extern bool pickATileGen(UDWORD *x, UDWORD *y, UBYTE numIterations,
bool (*function)(UDWORD x, UDWORD y));
bool pickATileGen(Vector2i *pos, unsigned numIterations, bool (*function)(UDWORD x, UDWORD y));
extern bool pickATileGenThreat(UDWORD *x, UDWORD *y, UBYTE numIterations, SDWORD threatRange,
SDWORD player, bool (*function)(UDWORD x, UDWORD y));
//initialises the droid movement model
extern void initDroidMovement(DROID *psDroid);
/* Looks through the players list of droids to see if any of them are
building the specified structure - returns true if finds one*/
extern bool checkDroidsBuilding(STRUCTURE *psStructure);
/* Looks through the players list of droids to see if any of them are
demolishing the specified structure - returns true if finds one*/
extern bool checkDroidsDemolishing(STRUCTURE *psStructure);
/// Returns the next module which can be built after lastOrderedModule, or returns 0 if not possible.
int nextModuleToBuild(STRUCTURE const *psStruct, int lastOrderedModule);
/*Deals with building a module - checking if any droid is currently doing this
- if so, helping to build the current one*/
extern void setUpBuildModule(DROID *psDroid);
/* Just returns true if the droid's present body points aren't as high as the original*/
extern bool droidIsDamaged(DROID *psDroid);
/* Returns currently active (selected) group */
extern UDWORD getSelectedGroup( void );
extern void setSelectedGroup(UDWORD groupNumber);
extern UDWORD getSelectedCommander( void );
extern void setSelectedCommander(UDWORD commander);
extern char const *getDroidResourceName(char const *pName);
/*checks to see if an electronic warfare weapon is attached to the droid*/
extern bool electronicDroid(DROID *psDroid);
/*checks to see if the droid is currently being repaired by another*/
extern bool droidUnderRepair(DROID *psDroid);
//count how many Command Droids exist in the world at any one moment
extern UBYTE checkCommandExist(UBYTE player);
/*For a given repair droid, check if there are any damaged droids within
a defined range*/
extern BASE_OBJECT * checkForRepairRange(DROID *psDroid,DROID *psTarget);
/// Returns true iff the droid has VTOL propulsion, and is not a transport.
extern bool isVtolDroid(const DROID* psDroid);
/// Returns true iff the droid has VTOL propulsion and is moving.
extern bool isFlying(const DROID* psDroid);
/*returns true if a VTOL weapon droid which has completed all runs*/
extern bool vtolEmpty(DROID *psDroid);
/*returns true if a VTOL weapon droid which still has full ammo*/
extern bool vtolFull(DROID *psDroid);
/*Checks a vtol for being fully armed and fully repaired to see if ready to
leave reArm pad */
extern bool vtolHappy(const DROID* psDroid);
/*checks if the droid is a VTOL droid and updates the attack runs as required*/
extern void updateVtolAttackRun(DROID *psDroid, int weapon_slot);
/*returns a count of the base number of attack runs for the weapon attached to the droid*/
extern UWORD getNumAttackRuns(DROID *psDroid, int weapon_slot);
//assign rearmPad to the VTOL
extern void assignVTOLPad(DROID *psNewDroid, STRUCTURE *psReArmPad);
// true if a vtol is waiting to be rearmed by a particular rearm pad
extern bool vtolReadyToRearm(DROID *psDroid, STRUCTURE *psStruct);
// true if a vtol droid currently returning to be rearmed
extern bool vtolRearming(DROID *psDroid);
// true if a droid is currently attacking
extern bool droidAttacking(DROID *psDroid);
// see if there are any other vtols attacking the same target
// but still rearming
extern bool allVtolsRearmed(DROID *psDroid);
/*compares the droid sensor type with the droid weapon type to see if the
FIRE_SUPPORT order can be assigned*/
extern bool droidSensorDroidWeapon(BASE_OBJECT *psObj, DROID *psDroid);
// return whether a droid has a CB sensor on it
extern bool cbSensorDroid(DROID *psDroid);
// return whether a droid has a standard sensor on it (standard, VTOL strike, or wide spectrum)
extern bool standardSensorDroid(DROID *psDroid);
// give a droid from one player to another - used in Electronic Warfare and multiplayer
extern DROID * giftSingleDroid(DROID *psD, UDWORD to);
/*calculates the electronic resistance of a droid based on its experience level*/
extern SWORD droidResistance(DROID *psDroid);
/*this is called to check the weapon is 'allowed'. Check if VTOL, the weapon is
direct fire. Also check numVTOLattackRuns for the weapon is not zero - return
true if valid weapon*/
extern bool checkValidWeaponForProp(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate);
extern const char *getDroidNameForRank(UDWORD rank);
/*called when a Template is deleted in the Design screen*/
void deleteTemplateFromProduction(DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate, unsigned player, QUEUE_MODE mode); // ModeQueue deletes from production queues, which are not yet synchronised. ModeImmediate deletes from current production which is synchronised.
// Select a droid and do any necessary housekeeping.
extern void SelectDroid(DROID *psDroid);
// De-select a droid and do any necessary housekeeping.
extern void DeSelectDroid(DROID *psDroid);
/* audio finished callback */
extern bool droidAudioTrackStopped( void *psObj );
/*returns true if droid type is one of the Cyborg types*/
extern bool cyborgDroid(const DROID* psDroid);
bool isConstructionDroid(DROID const *psDroid);
bool isConstructionDroid(BASE_OBJECT const *psObject);
// check for illegal references to droid we want to release
bool droidCheckReferences(DROID *psVictimDroid);
/** Check if droid is in a legal world position and is not on its way to drive off the map. */
bool droidOnMap(const DROID *psDroid);
void droidSetPosition(DROID *psDroid, int x, int y);
static inline int droidSensorRange(const DROID* psDroid)
return objSensorRange((const BASE_OBJECT*)psDroid);
static inline int droidJammerPower(const DROID* psDroid)
return objJammerPower((const BASE_OBJECT*)psDroid);
static inline int droidConcealment(const DROID* psDroid)
return objConcealment((const BASE_OBJECT*)psDroid);
* Component stat helper functions
static inline BODY_STATS *getBodyStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asBodyStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_BODY].nStat;
static inline BRAIN_STATS *getBrainStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asBrainStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_BRAIN].nStat;
static inline PROPULSION_STATS *getPropulsionStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asPropulsionStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_PROPULSION].nStat;
static inline SENSOR_STATS *getSensorStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asSensorStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_SENSOR].nStat;
static inline ECM_STATS *getECMStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asECMStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_ECM].nStat;
static inline REPAIR_STATS *getRepairStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asRepairStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_REPAIRUNIT].nStat;
static inline CONSTRUCT_STATS *getConstructStats(DROID *psDroid)
return asConstructStats + psDroid->asBits[COMP_CONSTRUCT].nStat;
static inline WEAPON_STATS *getWeaponStats(DROID *psDroid, int weapon_slot)
return asWeaponStats + psDroid->asWeaps[weapon_slot].nStat;
static inline Rotation getInterpolatedWeaponRotation(DROID *psDroid, int weaponSlot, uint32_t time)
return interpolateRot(psDroid->asWeaps[weaponSlot].prevRot, psDroid->asWeaps[weaponSlot].rot, psDroid->prevSpacetime.time, psDroid->time, time);
/** helper functions for future refcount patch **/
#define setDroidTarget(_psDroid, _psNewTarget) _setDroidTarget(_psDroid, _psNewTarget, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__)
static inline void _setDroidTarget(DROID *psDroid, BASE_OBJECT *psNewTarget, int line, const char *func)
psDroid->order.psObj = psNewTarget;
ASSERT(psNewTarget == NULL || !psNewTarget->died, "setDroidTarget: Set dead target");
ASSERT(psNewTarget == NULL || !psNewTarget->died || (psNewTarget->died == NOT_CURRENT_LIST && psDroid->died == NOT_CURRENT_LIST),
"setDroidTarget: Set dead target");
#ifdef DEBUG
psDroid->targetLine = line;
sstrcpy(psDroid->targetFunc, func);
// Prevent warnings about unused parameters
#define setDroidActionTarget(_psDroid, _psNewTarget, _idx) _setDroidActionTarget(_psDroid, _psNewTarget, _idx, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__)
static inline void _setDroidActionTarget(DROID *psDroid, BASE_OBJECT *psNewTarget, UWORD idx, int line, const char *func)
psDroid->psActionTarget[idx] = psNewTarget;
ASSERT(psNewTarget == NULL || !psNewTarget->died || (psNewTarget->died == NOT_CURRENT_LIST && psDroid->died == NOT_CURRENT_LIST),
"setDroidActionTarget: Set dead target");
#ifdef DEBUG
psDroid->actionTargetLine[idx] = line;
sstrcpy(psDroid->actionTargetFunc[idx], func);
// Prevent warnings about unused parameters
#define setDroidBase(_psDroid, _psNewTarget) _setDroidBase(_psDroid, _psNewTarget, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__)
static inline void _setDroidBase(DROID *psDroid, STRUCTURE *psNewBase, int line, const char *func)
psDroid->psBaseStruct = psNewBase;
ASSERT(psNewBase == NULL || !psNewBase->died, "setDroidBase: Set dead target");
#ifdef DEBUG
psDroid->baseLine = line;
sstrcpy(psDroid->baseFunc, func);
// Prevent warnings about unused parameters
static inline void setSaveDroidTarget(DROID *psSaveDroid, BASE_OBJECT *psNewTarget)
psSaveDroid->order.psObj = psNewTarget;
#ifdef DEBUG
psSaveDroid->targetLine = 0;
sstrcpy(psSaveDroid->targetFunc, "savegame");
static inline void setSaveDroidActionTarget(DROID *psSaveDroid, BASE_OBJECT *psNewTarget, UWORD idx)
psSaveDroid->psActionTarget[idx] = psNewTarget;
#ifdef DEBUG
psSaveDroid->actionTargetLine[idx] = 0;
sstrcpy(psSaveDroid->actionTargetFunc[idx], "savegame");
static inline void setSaveDroidBase(DROID *psSaveDroid, STRUCTURE *psNewBase)
psSaveDroid->psBaseStruct = psNewBase;
#ifdef DEBUG
psSaveDroid->baseLine = 0;
sstrcpy(psSaveDroid->baseFunc, "savegame");
void checkDroid(const DROID *droid, const char * const location_description, const char * function, const int recurse);
/** assert if droid is bad */
#define CHECK_DROID(droid) checkDroid(droid, AT_MACRO, __FUNCTION__, max_check_object_recursion)
/** If droid can get to given object using its current propulsion, return the square distance. Otherwise return -1. */
int droidSqDist(DROID *psDroid, BASE_OBJECT *psObj);
// Minimum damage a weapon will deal to its target
void templateSetParts(const DROID *psDroid, DROID_TEMPLATE *psTemplate);
void cancelBuild(DROID *psDroid);
#define syncDebugDroid(psDroid, ch) _syncDebugDroid(__FUNCTION__, psDroid, ch)
void _syncDebugDroid(const char *function, DROID const *psDroid, char ch);
// True iff object is a droid.
static inline bool isDroid(SIMPLE_OBJECT const *psObject) { return psObject != NULL && psObject->type == OBJ_DROID; }
// Returns DROID * if droid or NULL if not.
static inline DROID *castDroid(SIMPLE_OBJECT *psObject) { return isDroid(psObject)? (DROID *)psObject : (DROID *)NULL; }
// Returns DROID const * if droid or NULL if not.
static inline DROID const *castDroid(SIMPLE_OBJECT const *psObject) { return isDroid(psObject)? (DROID const *)psObject : (DROID const *)NULL; }
#endif // __INCLUDED_SRC_DROID_H__
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