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* Notes *
GAME_CHECK_DROID shouldn't do anything, unless the game is out of synch, now. And should print, if the droid isn't in _exactly_ the same place on all screens.
Lot of other messages shouldn't do anything, either.
GAME_BUILD should fix the structure ID of the structure being built. GAME_BUILD and GAME_BUILDFINISHED shouldn't do anything other than that, unless the game is out of synch, now.
* Everywhere *
Remove bMultiPlayer and turnOffMultiMsg() hacks, cleaning up any duplicate or dead code on the way.
Sanity check all use of selectedPlayer. It should be used for deciding how the interface works, not for changing the game state in random places for no good reason...
* Somewhere *
The GAME_FEATUREDEST should be turned into just synch messages, and features should be removed as soon as destroyed.
Fix production completed and research completed sounds.
Fix destroying droid templates. Can probably go out of synch, if destroying a template just before the droid is produced, due to trying to produce an unknown type of droid (so the other players would see the new droid, but the droid owner wouldn't).
Fix unloading single units from transporters. Currently just unload everything, if trying to unload a unit.
Check if commanders work.
* src/structure.c: *
Clean up structPlaceDroid.
Check what validLocation is used for, make sure that putting delivery points under locations where buildings are going to be placed can't cause synch errors.
In destroyStruct, check that psTile->illumination can't affect the game state. Or make it consistent, so all players see the same scorch marks.
* src/keybind.c *
Fix kf_CloneSelected.
* src/hci.c *
Check that this file doesn't modify droids directly...
Make modified code for placing structures in debug mode less hackish.
* src/research.c *
Check the researchResult function. Should a message be sent there, and if so, then should wait for it?
* src/scriptfuncs.c *
Sanity check that this file doesn't do anything stupid, such as modifying the game state directly.
Such as unloading transporters directly, not sure if that's used in multiplayer, though. And scrResetPlayerVisibility, scrSetDroidKills, scrFireWeaponAtLoc, scrFireWeaponAtObj, scrTakeOver..., some others, scrAddPower, scrCompleteResearch, scrDestroyStructure and many others.
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