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Translating Warzone 2100

How do I help translate?

Help us get Warzone 2100 translated into your native language and reach more people.

  • Browse over to our Crowdin project:
  • Select the language you’d like to contribute to / review.
  • If you don’t have a Crowdin account yet, you can sign up with an email, or just log-in using another account (GitHub, Google, Twitter, etc).
  • Request access to the languages you’d like to help contribute translations to!

Notes for translators:

  • All translation happens in the Crowdin project. Do not open pull requests directly on the warzone2100 repository for translation updates.
    • This helps us ensure consistency of .po file output, provide a measure of Quality Assurance, and keep discussions about translations in a single place where they are in-line with the strings themselves.
  • By participating in this project, you agree to the code of conduct:
  • If you find an error in the source English strings, open a new issue / pull request on the Warzone2100/warzone2100 repository.
  • If you've been working as a translator and want to have more influence over the approved translations in your language, let us know and we'll make you a proofreader.
    • Difference between translators and proofreaders:
      • Translators: can suggest translations for empty or translated strings, and vote on translations
      • Proofreaders: maintain the language - can translate, and approve / reject suggestions
  • Discussion about specific translations can occur in-line (see the Comments section to the side, when viewing a translated string).

Notes for proofreaders:

  • Please remember to approve strings where you're satisfied with the translation. This makes it a lot easier to distinguish / review suggested changes from others.

Notes for developers:

  • Source language is English.
  • If you add a new source file with translatable strings, be sure to add it to
    • This will ensure its strings get picked up and added to the po template file.
  • If you modify strings in the various .json files under data/, be sure to run to rebuild the extracted json strings.

    Various scripts called by require Python 3.3+

  • When you build (with CMake), the CMake build toolchain should automatically update the in-repo po template file (/po/warzone2100_en.pot) if needed. Be sure to commit these updates with your related changes!

For developers merging translation PRs:

  • When merging a "New Crowdin translations" PR:
    • Make sure the CI passes succeeded. If there’s an issue with string formatting / output, the CI passes may / should fail. Verify the CI logs on failures - if they show an issue with translations, do NOT merge the PR.
    • You may want to use "Squash and Merge" if there’s a gigantic list of commits (or repeated updates of the same language files) to minimize clutter in the main commit history.
    • Delete the l10n_master branch after the PR is merged
      • This ensures that Crowdin starts fresh when it next pushes a translation changes PR, based on the latest master.
  • If a "New Crowdin translations" PR can’t be merged (ex. because of merge conflicts / outdated translation branch):
    • Close the Pull Request.
    • Delete the l10n_master branch.

    Crowdin will then (eventually) re-create the l10n_master branch, and submit a new PR, effectively rebased on the latest master branch. This may take up to 24 hours to occur, as we have configured Crowdin to batch pushes to its l10n_* service branch.