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Original game developed by Pumpkin Studios, and published by EIDOS Interactive.
The Warzone 2100 Project team, in alphabetical order:
Thomas Barlow <Mysteryem> : 3D Graphics
-- <Buginator> : Programming
Bruce V. Edwards <cathuria> : 2D/3D Graphics
-- <Cyp> : Programming
-- <dak180> : MacOSX Packaging
Elio Gubser <elio, ohyeh> : 2D Graphics
Rene Jochum <fastdeath / pcdummy> : Programming and Webmaster
Steven Koenig <kreuvf> : Documentation, translation
Gerard Krol <gerard_> : Programming, Textures
Guangcong Luo <Zarel> : Programming, Balancing, and Documentation
Per I. Mathisen <per / sendai> : Programming
Kim Metcalfe <lav-coyote25> : Documentation, Maps and Support
Christian Ohm <cybersphinx> : Programming
Giel van Schijndel <Giel> : Programming and Debian Linux and Windows Packaging
Dennis Schridde <devurandom> : Programming and general Linux and Windows Packaging
Freddie Witherden <EvilGuru> : Programming and MacOSX Packaging
Former contributors to the GPL version, in alphabetical order:
Scott Balneaves <sbalneav> : Programming
Roman C. <troman> : Programming and Scripting + Scripting-engine rewrite and AI
Denis Dupeyron <charun> : Programming
Don Edwards : 2D Graphics support
Mike Gilmore <Chojun> : Programming
-- <Hatsjoe> : 2D Graphics
Carl Hee <Watermelon> : Programming + Multiturrets
Adam Holland
Stefan Huehner <shuehner> : Programming + original 64bit support
Ari Johnson <iamtheari> : Programming and MacOSX Packaging + original MacOSX port
Martin Koller <mkoller> : Programming
Angus Lees <gus> : Debian Packaging
Dennis Luxen <pret> : Programming
Kevin Malec <Kevin`> : Websupport
Dion Mendel <noid> : Programming, original Linux port
Phil Procario <GrimMoroe, grimandmandy> : 3D Graphics
-- <Pseudonym404> : Programming + original 64bit support
Victor Qamly <vqamly> : Programming
Marcus Rast <charon> : Programming
Ben Russon <grizzly> : Support
Hylke van der Schaaf <TheNoid> : Programming
Dmitri Shuralyov <shurcool> : Programming
Rodolphe Suescun <rodzilla> : Programming
-- <vs2k5> : Programming
Tim P. <kamaze> : Webmaster
Non-project members whose content has been used in Warzone, in alphabetical order:
Tristan Bethe : Terrain textures
Jennifer Boyer : Terrain textures
Bart Everson : Terrain textures
Mitch Featherston : Terrain textures
Peter Kaminski : Terrain textures
Konstantin Kleine-Niermann : Terrain textures
Sherrie Thai : Terrain textures
Mark A. Vargas : Terrain textures
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