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Do not halt factory production assigned to commanders in skirmish on …

…commander limit, or for VTOLs.

Since unlimited VTOLs can be assigned to commanders, do not halt production of them.
Since .psCommander is not synchronised, do not depend on it in synchronised code in skirmish.

Fixes ticket:2138.
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commit 0773a9ff6cfc344def015f349e39fa62d09fe697 1 parent 5600178
@Cyp Cyp authored
Showing with 7 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +7 −1 src/structure.cpp
8 src/structure.cpp
@@ -2525,13 +2525,19 @@ static bool structPlaceDroid(STRUCTURE *psStructure, DROID_TEMPLATE *psTempl,
static bool IsFactoryCommanderGroupFull(const FACTORY* psFactory)
+ if (bMultiPlayer)
+ {
+ // TODO: Synchronise .psCommander. Have to return false here, to avoid desynch.
+ return false;
+ }
unsigned int DroidsInGroup;
// If we don't have a commander return false (group not full)
if (psFactory->psCommander==NULL) return false;
// allow any number of IDF droids
- if (templateIsIDF((DROID_TEMPLATE *)psFactory->psSubject))
+ if (templateIsIDF(psFactory->psSubject) || asPropulsionStats[psFactory->psSubject->asParts[COMP_PROPULSION]].propulsionType == PROPULSION_TYPE_LIFT)
return false;
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