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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ itself, so click again to refresh.
The 'Contexts' tab shows you the script contexts currently active,
and their global variables. The 'Run' button in this tab allows you
to run your own javascript code in the selected script context while
to run your own JavaScript code in the selected script context while
the game is running.
In-game tools: Object tracing
@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ calls that could be called every frame, as this makes them less
useful for others. Other than that, adding more trace calls is a
good idea, as they are very low overhead when not active.
Anything includes the campaign library has access to camTrace(...).
These can be placed in scripts to show the value of something or something like
printing a string to the terminal when in cheat mode.
@@ -42,5 +46,27 @@ has.
One very useful cheat is 'research all', which teaches you (and
your allies, if shared) every available research in the game.
Another useful cheat is 'deity'. It allows you to see everything on the map
much like having an uplink built. It does cause radar blips to misbehave if
used repeatedly in campaign.
'biffer baker' makes everything you own very tough to destroy.
The 'let me win' cheat allows you to skip to the next campaign
There is a cheat exclusive to campaign with the format 'ascend sub-X-Ys'. Do
note that research is not granted from the skipped missions.
X = what campaign you are on (Alpha = 1, Beta = 2, Gamma = 3).
Y = mission number.
This cheat only warps to pre-offworld missions and not those where a mission
is active on map, ie Alpha 2. So if for example you want to skip to
the last Alpha offworld campaign mission type 'ascend sub1-ds'.
Possible levels to warp to:
1-1s, 1-2s, 1-3s, 1-4as, 1-5s, 1-7s, 1-ds,
2-1s, 2-2s, 2-5s, 2-ds, 2-6s, 2-7s, 2-8s,
3-1s, 3-2s, 3-4s.
Used in conjunction with 'let me win' you will be able to get to any mission
in the campaign fairly quick.

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