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cybersphinx committed Feb 20, 2012
1 parent 2c98861 commit a2506e3cb8c298d3fd2c24ea1032baaefe1de8c7
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@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
* Change: Remove old-1.10-balance mod, since it was broken (commit:5694a6fded95e7128c6b8222f6895ba200b75432)
* Translations:
* Update: Russian (ticket:3184, commit:b7541ac45b9babe0dd0e0b0ffeb3cbd6b9477a2e, commit:519b83fbd3cd086b1c29f4215a2cbbd46114f534)
+ * Update: Turkish (ticket:3192, commit:2c9886131b24c488bd70d36a2b81437def0002c5)
2012-02-08: Version 3.1-beta2
* General:
@@ -308,7 +309,7 @@ master_20110320qt and before:
2011-10-23: Version 2.3.9
* General:
- * Change: Show damage on all buildings (ticket:2634, commit: eabe72073c5e594f7849cd53460b25ae95b3371e)
+ * Change: Show damage on all buildings (ticket:2634, commit:eabe72073c5e594f7849cd53460b25ae95b3371e)
* Change: Use Ctrl-V instead of Tab to paste in edit boxes (ticket:2830, commit:d2f4b5a162151d3dac14e45931e727b181c9ef22)
* Change: Mouse wheel scrolling in research and build menus (ticket:2110, commit:6a41d3f59f962800b2e0e3eba7e696f48dc46b36)
* Fix: Make units follow their orders better (ticket:2391, commit:2c31de52476f81f6ef368a38483c912c08c69c22)
@@ -848,7 +849,7 @@ master_20110320qt and before:
* Fix: Remove all fog of war darkening when satellite uplink built (r9216)
* Fix: Faster game loading when vsync enabled (r9167, r9163)
* Fix: Widget ID corruption leading to disappearing reticule and other GUI bugs (r9325)
- * Fix: Miscellaneous crashes and asserts (r9153, ticket:1219, r9192, r9152, ticket: 1402, r9248, r9181, r9174)
+ * Fix: Miscellaneous crashes and asserts (r9153, ticket:1219, r9192, r9152, ticket:1402, r9248, r9181, r9174)
* Graphics:
* Change: Darken features and buildings that you cannot see due to fog of war (r9322, r9343)
* Fix: Only lift fog of war for what you can see (r9199, r9204, r9216)

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