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Try not to allow multiple mouse presses when trying to kick people ou…

…t of game.

closes ticket:3209
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1 parent 9909551 commit bc65f978015b73bef462e53726ff53fcdc607d18 @vexed vexed committed Mar 1, 2012
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  1. +2 −1 src/multimenu.cpp
3 src/multimenu.cpp
@@ -1466,8 +1466,9 @@ void intProcessMultiMenu(UDWORD id)
char buf[250];
// Allow the host to kick the AI only in a MP game, or if they activated cheats in a skirmish game
- if (NetPlay.bComms || Cheated)
+ if ((NetPlay.bComms || Cheated) && (NetPlay.players[i].allocated || (NetPlay.players[i].allocated == false && NetPlay.players[i].ai != AI_OPEN)))
+ inputLoseFocus();
ssprintf(buf, _("The host has kicked %s from the game!"), getPlayerName((unsigned int) i));
sendTextMessage(buf, true);
ssprintf(buf, _("kicked %s : %s from the game, and added them to the banned list!"), getPlayerName((unsigned int) i), NetPlay.players[i].IPtextAddress);

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