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Never add completed researches to research menu.

Researches would fail to disappear from the research menu when the research was complete, if clicking on the
research facility just before the research was complete, since this resulted in setting the research to pending,
and the research would still be pending even after being complete (more likely with high latency, due to a larger
window to reproduce in).

Fixes ticket:3454.
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1 parent 594b8a6 commit d37f5276a17bbff963e5d59d1fcb2e744b494ac2 @Cyp Cyp committed Sep 15, 2012
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/hci.cpp
2 src/hci.cpp
@@ -5436,7 +5436,7 @@ static BASE_STATS *getResearchStats(BASE_OBJECT *psObj)
psBuilding = (STRUCTURE *)psObj;
psResearchFacility = &psBuilding->pFunctionality->researchFacility;
- if (psResearchFacility->psSubjectPending != NULL)
+ if (psResearchFacility->psSubjectPending != NULL && !IsResearchCompleted(&asPlayerResList[psObj->player][psResearchFacility->psSubjectPending->index]))
return psResearchFacility->psSubjectPending;

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