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Commits on Jan 29, 2012
  1. @Cyp

    Make pathfinding find straighter paths on average.

    Cyp authored
    Given 4 points, the distance from A to D is often shorter than the distance
    from A to D via either B or C, and can be estimated based on the distances
    from A to B and from A to C. Use this information, when pathfinding on the
  2. @cybersphinx

    Add ChangeLog date.

    cybersphinx authored
  3. @cybersphinx

    Update team colours to correspond to their names better.

    cybersphinx authored
    Refs #2972, tc2.patch. No teal for now, since that would introduce new
  4. @cybersphinx

    Update ChangeLog.

    cybersphinx authored
  5. @cybersphinx

    Polish translation update by Emdek.

    cybersphinx authored
    Closes #1347.
  6. @cybersphinx
  7. @cybersphinx

    Update translations.

    cybersphinx authored
  8. @Cyp

    Skip dead objects when applying splash and incendary damage.

    Cyp authored
    Fixes an assertion due to re-destroying dead structures.
    Introduced in 4657de6.
  9. @Zarel @Cyp

    Remove CB functionality from WSS droids - it was causing several bugs.

    Zarel authored Cyp committed
    (cherry picked from commit 5dc9817)
    Fixes ticket:3057.
  10. @Cyp

    Make [Password required] [No Tanks] [No Cyborgs] [No VTOLs] display m…

    Cyp authored
    …ore consistent.
    Reported by Emdek.
  11. @Cyp

    Update secondary order in UI before synchronisation.

    Cyp authored
    Fixes confusion over whether orders were accepted or not.
    Clicking patrol and circle in the UI now makes the next order a patrol or circle
    order, even if clicking before the patrol and circle secondary orders are
    synchronised. Although, patrol and circle really shouldn't be secondary orders,
    in the first place. Previous behaviour was to just go to the destination without
    patrolling or circling, on clicking and then giving the order fast when in laggy
  12. @Cyp

    Eliminate quantisation errors from the button rotation rate.

    Cyp authored
    Added a realTimeAverage() function which returns an integer which is correct on average.
    Fixes ticket:3082.
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. @cybersphinx @Cyp

    Update ChangeLog.

    cybersphinx authored Cyp committed
  2. @cybersphinx @Cyp

    Changelog update, headache edition.

    cybersphinx authored Cyp committed
    I.e. it's probably missing all the important stuff.
  3. @perim
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @Safety0ff
  2. @Cyp

    Merge branch '3.1-master'

    Cyp authored
  3. @dak180
  4. @Cyp

    Fix trucks trying to drive into completed buildings instead of toward…

    Cyp authored
    …s the building site.
    More generally, check that the returned pathfinding result is for the correct
    destination, rather than an old pathfinding job to a previous destination, leading
    to the droid thinking it was going to the new destination when it really wasn't.
    Droids were doing pathfinding, and occasionally they would pathfind to a building,
    which happens to get completed in the same update, so next update they would try
    to pathfind to the new building in the queue, but receive the path to the completed
    building. They would then continue to drive into the old building, until arriving
    at the new building (which never happens).
    Probably fixes other issues with droids mysteriously going the wrong way.
    Fixes ticket:3050 again (different bug, but similar symptom).
  5. @Cyp

    Simplify incendary damage, fix incendary armour.

    Cyp authored
    Apply incendary armour before converting from damage-per-second to damage-per-update,
    such that incendary armour is now a per-second value, rather than a per-update value.
    Dropped BASE_OBJECT::inFire, the value of which could be determined from BASE_OBJECT::burnStart.
    Fixes ticket:3078.
  6. @Cyp

    Simplify splash and incendary damage.

    Cyp authored
    Use gridIterate() instead of checking all droids, structures and features on the map for splash damage.
    Use gridIterate() instead of checking all droids and structures on the map (except your own) for splash damage.
    Incendary damage did not affect yourself, and no longer affects allies either.
    Incendary damage now affects features.
  7. @iNoDlite @dak180

    Update the ticketvalidemail plugin to work as part of the spam filter.

    iNoDlite authored dak180 committed
    Update the url info and add some logging.
  8. @vexed

    Fix a warning for certain compilers.

    vexed authored
    NOTE: ssize_t can be 32 or 64 bit (depending on platform), so just casting
    that to a int in this case since we aren't going to read in > 2^32-1 bytes.
    close ticket:3080
  9. @vexed
  10. @vexed

    Clean up sockets. This should fix not being able to host immediately …

    vexed authored
    …after you look for a game in the lobby.
  11. @vexed
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
  1. @Safety0ff
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
  1. @perim

    qtscript: Trigger eventObjectTransfer also for take-over of buildings.

    perim authored
    Document how it relates to the built events.
  2. @perim

    qtscript: Send event if object is transferred between players, and

    perim authored
    add .damageable property to features to tell if they can be destroyed
    or not.
  3. @Safety0ff

    Reset depth test settings after screen upload.

    Safety0ff authored
    Remove random depth test state change.
    Fixes #2358.
  4. @Safety0ff

    Swap buffers after drawing instead of before.

    Safety0ff authored
    Fix loading screen flicker.
    Change silly invalid backdrop texture id.
    Make loading screen appearance more uniform and more like in 1.10.
    Closes #3059.
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @perim
  2. @perim
  3. @vexed

    Fix case where we are getting a connection, but no data is transfered.

    vexed authored
    This is a partial revert of 5eac7e7
    since it seems this was the main issue everyone was having while
    hosting a game. (It would show odd version mismatch errors in the log)
    A full revert may be needed, more testing of hosting & connecting to games
    both via lobby and direct IP needed.
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @vexed
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