Commits on Aug 15, 2018
  1. Let syncRequest() handle objects without an assert.

    KJeff01 committed Aug 15, 2018
    The script asserts were a bit too early.
Commits on Aug 14, 2018
  1. Do not show radar flash color early game.

    KJeff01 committed Aug 11, 2018
    Starting a game with an HQ present, and thus the radar minimap,
    would show the player droids and structures all a pale-red color on
    the minimap.
Commits on Aug 13, 2018
  1. A few more tweaks to semperfi-js.

    KJeff01 committed Aug 11, 2018
    - Fix a truck recycle bug for oil grabbers where they disobeyed truck recycling sometimes.
    - Fix constant enemy reselection when attacked. Now does it if within 30 tiles of base.
    - Fix a typo in getAliveEnemyPlayers() with scavengers.
    - Fix not attacking the last remaining non-construct droids and not attacking VTOL factories.
    Would result in games not ending under those specific circumstances.
    - Tweak some formatting if lines were very long.
    - Tweak research to better focus on missile/VTOL weapons if attacked by VTOLs.
    - Tweak Power/Module upgrade research to a chance.
Commits on Aug 12, 2018
  1. [Travis CI] Enable additional set of warnings for CMake builds

    past-due committed Aug 11, 2018
  2. [CMake] Use GNUInstallDirs, and `WZ_DATADIR`

    past-due committed Aug 2, 2018
    This enables better (default) platform install location support, and permits configure-time install location overrides.
  3. Support earlier versions of Miniupnpc

    past-due committed Aug 1, 2018
    Minimum supported `MINIUPNPC_API_VERSION` is now 9
  4. [CMake] Initial support for "system" Miniupnpc

    past-due committed Aug 1, 2018
    Try to detect a system-installed Miniupnpc library, falling back to in-tree Miniupnpc (as not every platform / distro provides a readily-available Miniupnpc package).
  5. [CMake] Improve component-based install

    past-due committed Aug 1, 2018
    - Split into sub-components to allow easier configuration of what's installed (ex. based on CPack generator / target OS).
    - Improve detection of source package generation.
    - Add initial support for macOS package generation.
  6. Replace use of `gluErrorString`

    past-due committed Jul 31, 2018
    Avoids deprecation warnings on certain platforms.
  7. [macOS] Fix run-time language switching

    past-due committed Jul 30, 2018
    When GNU Gettext is compiled for macOS, the default is for `HAVE_LOCALE_NULL` to ultimately _not_ be defined. This causes GNU Gettext to rely first on POSIX environment variables to determine the locale - and so calling `libintl_setlocale` _without_ first modifying the environment variables may not result in any effective change in the language strings that Gettext returns.
  8. [CMake] Initial macOS build support

    past-due committed May 25, 2018
    Support CMake generation of an Xcode project (for macOS).
  9. [macOS] Add script

    past-due committed Jul 28, 2018
    Uses vcpkg to obtain and build dependencies for CMake macOS builds.
  10. [macOS] Improve Qt helper build scripts

    past-due committed Jul 28, 2018
    - Support running in other directories
    - Improve Qt framework cleanup (to support code signing)
  11. [Git] Ignore vcpkg directory

    past-due committed Jul 24, 2018
  12. [macOS] Add "About" & "Help" menu items

    past-due committed Jul 22, 2018
    The "Help" menu contains items that open the Quickstart Guide & the Scripting API docs.
    The "About Warzone" menu item opens the standard Cocoa About panel, which displays data such as the version, copyright, etc (automatically pulled from the Info.plist).
  13. [macOS] Generate HTML documentation

    past-due committed Jul 22, 2018
    To reduce differences between the macOS build and the other builds (and in preparation for support of other doc generation toolchains), generate normal HTML documentation instead of the "Apple Help" format on macOS.