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Commits on Jan 21, 2011
  1. @dak180

    Set for video releases.

    dak180 authored
  2. @dak180
  3. @dak180
  4. @cybersphinx
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
  1. @cybersphinx

    Update ChangeLog.

    cybersphinx authored
  2. @perim

    2.3: Mg damage to cyborgs up 10%, to tracks down 10%, and to bunkers …

    perim authored
    …down 5%. Cannon damage to buildings and hardpoints up 10% and to bunkers up 25%
  3. @cybersphinx

    Update ChangeLog.

    cybersphinx authored
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
  1. @cybersphinx
  2. @cybersphinx

    Exit the cross-build script if cross-compiler not installed.

    cybersphinx authored
    (cherry picked from commit 826a0ef)
Commits on Jan 17, 2011
  1. @cybersphinx

    Update translations.

    cybersphinx authored
  2. @cybersphinx
  3. @cybersphinx

    Update ChangeLog.

    cybersphinx authored
  4. @cybersphinx
  5. @perim

    2.3: Retire the current AI top model template with heavy laser in fav…

    perim authored
    …our of two new ones. First is armed with seraph missiles,
    the second with both seraph missiles and gauss cannon on a dragon body.
  6. @perim @Cyp

    Fix cheat that allows you to gain experience through shooting at your…

    perim authored Cyp committed
    … own buildings or units.
    (cherry picked from commit e181461)
  7. @Cyp
  8. @Cyp

    Reset constructor upgrade between games.

    Cyp authored
    If starting a T3 game, leaving the game, and joining a T1 game, the player would have an 18% construction speed advantage over the other players.
    Changelog: Fix construction speed upgrades being preserved even between games.
  9. @Cyp

    Fix health bars being shown where a droid used to be, when always dis…

    Cyp authored
    …playing bars.
    Fixes ticket:912.
    Changelog: Fix health bars displayed over empty terrain, when set to always display energy bars.
  10. @Cyp

    Print distances and speeds in terms of tiles, not in 1/128ths of tiles.

    Cyp authored
    Changelog: Print distances and speeds in terms of tiles.
  11. @Cyp

    Unify the 34-line intDisplayStatsBar() and 55-line intDisplayDesignPo…

    Cyp authored
    …werBar() functions into a 45-line intDisplayBar() function.
  12. @Cyp

    Fix keyboard input being swallowed due to missing events such as SDL_…

    Cyp authored
    This is due to a seemingly undocumented bug and/or feature in SDL, where SDL_EventState and SDL_SetEventFilter mysteriously discard all pending events.
    The following SDL code in SDL_EventState and SDL_SetEventFilter discards all pending events, with a comment saying it does so:
        while ( SDL_PollEvent(&bitbucket) > 0 )
    There appears to be no documentation of this fact anywhere outside the comment in the SDL code.
    I am not aware of any logical reason why enabling events with SDL_EventState should cause less events to be received than otherwise.
  13. @Cyp

    Make Esc be equivalent to clicking the return button in the pre-game …

    Cyp authored
    …"multiop" menu.
    Weird stuff could happen, such as the client thinking it's a host when it isn't.
    Changelog: Fix clients getting confused when trying to leave a game before it starts by pressing the Escape key.
  14. @Cyp

    Actually check the mouse position when clicking, instead of just assu…

    Cyp authored
    …ming people clicked wherever the mouse moves to later.
    In theory, this should make the UI usable, even on machines that don't consistently get 10000 FPS.
    Because WZ widgets are weird, just make the widgets pretend that the mouse stopped moving after clicking or releasing in a given frame.
    If you click twice in the same frame, the second widget will still greedily steal the mouse click from the first widget.
    Changelog: Try to improve UI responsiveness under low framerates.
  15. @Cyp

    Fix weird delivery point placement for cyborg factories and repair fa…

    Cyp authored
    Changelog: Fixed delivery point placement for cyborg factories and repair facilities.
  16. @Cyp

    Make config file loading/saving less weird.

    Cyp authored
    Changelog: Usernames such as "Meów" will no longer be truncated at the first unicode character to "Me" when restarting Warzone 2100.
  17. @Cyp

    Simplify NETbin interface.

    Cyp authored
    Redundantly, the data length was redundantly sent twice, which was redundant.
Commits on Jan 10, 2011
  1. @perim

    Update changelog

    perim authored
  2. @cybersphinx

    Spanish translation update by Daniel Vijande.

    cybersphinx authored
    Closes #2442.
  3. @cybersphinx

    Fix typo.

    cybersphinx authored
  4. @cybersphinx

    Fix compilation with gcc 4.6.

    cybersphinx authored
    Closes #2437.
  5. @cybersphinx
Commits on Jan 9, 2011
  1. @Cyp

    Hack arbitrary 100 droid limit when changing droid settings up to 1000.

    Cyp authored
    Some damaged droids wouldn't retreat when setting the droid retreat level (and probably didn't get the setting, either).
    Changelog: Setting droid retreat on damage now works, even if selecting more than 100 droids.
Commits on Jan 2, 2011
  1. @Cyp

    Change power accruing rate, with N droids or structures wanting to us…

    Cyp authored
    …e power, from 5*FPS/(N+1) to 25/second.
    Previous code was insane, despite some previous attempts at improving the indentation of the code, and meant that players with better graphics cards could build, produce and research 5x-10x faster.
    Changelog: Construction, production and research speeds are no longer linearly dependent on framerate on high oil maps.
Commits on Dec 24, 2010
  1. @cybersphinx

    Update Windows cross-build dependencies.

    cybersphinx authored
    freetype 2.4.4
    libogg 1.2.2
    libpng 1.4.5
Commits on Dec 23, 2010
  1. @cybersphinx

    Italian translation update by Alpha93.

    cybersphinx authored
    Closes #2408.
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