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Commits on Apr 22, 2012
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Revert "Update version numbers for 3.1 beta8."
This reverts commit 7dc7d95.

Revert "Update translations."

This reverts commit 5996b89.
@Cyp Cyp Add oil barrels on all clients.
Fixes desynch 10 minutes after picking up an oil barrel.

Introduced in 29966c5.

Fixes ticket:3396 and ticket:3413.
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Only send 2 desynch logs per player on desynch.
Reset desynch count between games.

Since sending 2 logs instead of 5, it should take less time for players to figure out
what is going on, when people have slow connections.
@Cyp Cyp Add assertion against duplicate file descriptors.
Probably can't happen, but no idea why the send() call blocks when it shouldn't.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update custom translations. 3dc5d8d
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Add scripts to generate translation statistics. 01e38ca
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
* bugfixes:
  Add scripts to generate translation statistics.
  Update custom translations.
  Add assertion against duplicate file descriptors.
  Only send 2 desynch logs per player on desynch.
  Add oil barrels on all clients.
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@vexed vexed Clarify when we reach unit cap. 5005807
@vexed vexed Specify which wrong player was trying to give a gift 8411702
@vexed vexed Disable being shown the option to save at the end of the mission (in …
…the mission summary screen), this is a work around for a flaw in the level loading code in some levels. Also disable autosaves, for the same problem. refs #3377
@vexed vexed Cleanup leaks in floodbucket
refs #3395
@vexed vexed Cleanup leaks in UTF conversion of command line (windows only) refs #…
@vexed vexed Move NETinit() routines to better location
refs #3395
@vexed vexed Cleanup some leaks in the NET* routines.
refs #3395
@vexed vexed Savegames are now stored by type. Campaign saves are located in saveg…
…ames/campaign/ Skirmish saves are located in savegames/skirmish/
@vexed vexed Do away with apsStaticTemplates completely, it caused multiple issues…
…. There is no difference in accessing the templates for the AI or Humans now. Only write templates out for active players. Make each template's group unique to each player. Fix clone wars templates. Remove hacky functions GetHumanDroidTemplate & GetAIDroidTemplate fixes ticket:3146 close ticket:3369

refs b99e845
refs 0cc7c31
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
@vexed vexed Let's try to stop checking for tiles when we are offscreen via a Tran…

fixes ticket:3403
automerge Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1 4879779
@Cyp Cyp Call this branch bugfixes in the build scripts. 6a89551
@Cyp Cyp Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1 880ee8e
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Add missing license header to 937703f
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 316c0af
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
@vexed vexed Trying to find out why savegames are being broken.
Possibly helps in finding out why #3416 happens.

@vexed vexed Only populate unique entries for the UI template list.
Fixes #3369
automerge Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1 6236028
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
@vexed vexed Fix typo for SuperTransport.
Fixes ticket:3426
@vexed vexed Try to fix the autogame hack by introducing a new bool to keep track of
when we should be using the AI's templates.

This only works in debug mode!

TODO: Move the actual setting of this bool script side, in case the user picks
a AI that doesn't support the 'autogame' command.

close ticket:3369
@vexed vexed add sequences to base with 9 FMVs as discussed on ML. Fix Makefile
git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
(cherry picked from commit e151241)

@vexed vexed Change default for screen shake to on 4beba1f
automerge Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1 9546393
@Cyp Cyp Don't desynch in debug mode when pressing 'A' or 'W'.
Accidentally pressing the 'A' and 'W' keys in debug mode lowers and raises the terrain
by an unnoticable amount, causing mysterious hard-to-reproduce and hard-to-debug
desynchs some time later, when a droid crosses the affected tile.

Steps to reproduce: Start a multiplayer game, and set all players to autogame for easy
debugging (this requires enabling debug mode). In one of the clients, press Control+A
to select all units, using a keyboard where the Control key sometimes but rarely fails.
Scroll around the map, or do something else, until a droid crosses the tile where the
mouse cursor happened to be when Control+A was pressed. Watch the game mysteriously go
out of synch due to an apparent miscalculation in the droid position. Try to debug what
went wrong with the droid position.

Also, remove redundant test in buildFlatten().
Commits on Apr 28, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Flush net data immediately after sending GAME_GAME_TIME.
This allows accelerated multiplayer games to run faster.

Probably also reduces game latency slightly.
@Cyp Cyp Add (int) cast, for C++11 compatibility.
Fixes ticket:3401.
@vexed vexed Make 'autogame' work in *debug* mp games.
fixes ticket:3369
@vexed vexed Change objmemDestroy() to return a bool.
When we have droids that are "dead" but still have actions/orders concerning them,
we delay killing them completely (as in, free their memory /cleanup routines)
until those actions/orders are cleared on the next cycle.

Use logging of life, death, and memory to see what is going on.

fixes ticket:3419 ref:3338
@vexed vexed Fixes Scavenger MRAs
Patch by NoQ
Original model by Berg

Fixes ticket:3365
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Make net usage statistics more meaningful.
Previous behaviour: Show bytes sent, before compression, per CPU-second. So with 50%
cpu usage, the numbers would be doubled.

New bevaviour: Show actual bytes sent, and also show bytes sent before compression,
per actual second, independent of CPU usage.
@Cyp Cyp Truncate game state CRC sent over net to 16 bits.
This should save a tiny bit of bandwidth, at least 20 bytes/second.
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Show net usage statistics per game, as well as per second. 282efa8
automerge Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1 b763c32
Commits on May 01, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Try harder to prevent desynch on player leaving.
There seem to be way too many ways that a player can leave, disconnect, drop, be
kicked, leave (again), be destroyed and/or be cleared.

During a game, NET_PLAYER_DROPPED must not be sent, since it is executed at a random
game time, and GAME_PLAYER_LEFT must be sent instead. Independently of whether the
player left, disconnected, dropped, was kicked, left, was destroyed, was eaten by a
grue, or was cleared.
Commits on May 02, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Adjust turret pitch as far as possible, and no farther.
Weapons could fail to fire, if the desired pitch was outside the limits.

Fixes ticket:3267.
@Cyp Cyp Fix destroyed structure count to count destroyed non-walls instead of…
… destroyed walls.

Introduced in f6ddbf1.

Fixes ticket:3380 and ticket:3435.
@Cyp Cyp Add ┼-shaped gate model.
The ┴- and ┘-shaped model files are currently ┼-shaped, and the ┼-shaped model will
need updating to avoid Z-fighting.

Fixes ticket:3336.
@Cyp Cyp Allow shooting through open gates.
Also, raise fully-opened gates by 1 unit, to better support models of ┼-shaped gates,
where the heights of the gate pieces differ by one unit to avoid Z-fighting.
@Cyp Cyp Add new corner gate models by Berg.
And fix old gate model (also fixed by Berg).
@Cyp Cyp Do not make all tanks suddenly accelerate to hover speeds at end of p…

Fixes ticket:3424.
@Cyp Cyp Prefer targets not too close to fire, and prefer very damaged targets.
Previously, preferred damaged over non-damaged, but not very damaged over lightly
damaged, due to integer truncation.
@Cyp Cyp Let structures look for good targets, instead of shooting at the near…
…est target.

The targetAttackWeight() function with special cases for structures is now actually
used for structures.
@Cyp Cyp Update ChangeLog. 7fe5f66
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Remove unused variable to shut up gcc 4.7.
Leftover from fcd5510.
Commits on May 03, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Do not freeze on player leaving, either.
Introduced in 2309f16. (Although freezing isn't much
worse than desynch.)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Turkish translation update by Ayhan Görgülü.
Closes #3417.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx French translation update by Amiral JCDG.
Closes #3430.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. 4011144
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 1e1b51a
Commits on May 04, 2012
@Cyp Cyp Fix kicking of AIs.
See 93f0e61, introduced in 2309f16.

Fixes ticket:3439.
automerge Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1 a28bcf9
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 887eea8
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
* bugfixes:
  Update ChangeLog.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. ab9c729
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update version numbers for 3.1 beta9. e705adb