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Patch 1 #11

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Continued .NL translations.

Will work as much as possible trough the week but not on weekends.

kreuvf and others added some commits Sep 5, 2010
@kreuvf kreuvf Updated German translation bfc7165
@buginator buginator Clear out structure to prevent faulty data.
Fixes ticket:2150

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@Cyp Cyp 2.3: Display no-tank, no-cyborg or no-VTOL icons if the relevant fact…
…ories are disabled.

Using random icons for now, until the right icons are drawn.
@kreuvf kreuvf Changed translation for "AA Chainfeed Loader" (+ Mk2 and Mk3); thanks…
… to Ryo Ohki

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
Dydo dydo 2.2.4: removed cyclone aa site 9ee9728
@Zarel Zarel 2.3: Rebalance 0.8.3:
- Weaken Flak Cannon and Sunburst a lot more. I'm pretty sure this change makes them too weak, but when introducing new weapons it's better to make them too weak than too strong.
- Increase HP of a bunch of VTOL weapons
- Slightly buff Hurricane/Whirlwind

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix debug output on the console.
Check if there's a \n at the end, if not, append one. Before, it checked for a
\n anywhere in the string, and if there was, wouldn't append one.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Print the needed port when lobby communication fails. 6ea7fc8
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. b556061
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Use filesync if available to create .wz files.
This will prevent warnings when the archives don't exist (for clean builds),
and remove files from the archives that have been removed from the repo (for
unclean builds).

Backport of r11552 and r11554.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@kreuvf kreuvf Updated German translation beecc5d
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Polish translation udpate by Emdek.
Closes #1347.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Give each game in the lobby its own tooltip buffer.
Closes #2157.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@Zarel Zarel 2.3: Fix bug #2147, fix bug #2158, remove VTOL Flak Cannon (doesn't m…
…ake sense lore-wise, and did too much friendly fire to be useful).

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Fix lobby glitch to update everything when netPlayersUpdated is true …
…and force localOptionsReceived to be true as well, since that is what controls the drawing routines.

Fixes ticket:2136

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Fix some log lines, and remove duplicate code since we handle joins d…
…ifferently now.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Apply 2.3_FireThroughMoutainfix.patch by CorvusCorax, fixes issues wi…
…th units shooting through the ground.

refs ticket:2152

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Update ChangeLog for 2.3.5 RC4 (which should be the last RC that we d…
…o. :P)

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Revert the 'FireThroughMoutainfix' patch, and save it for the next re…
…lease cycle with the other patches mentioned in that ticket.

refs ticket:2151

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Brazilian translation update by Tucalipe.
Closes #2163.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx 2.3.4 ChangeLog corrections by Kreuvf.
Closes #2090.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 00bd2ff
@buginator buginator bump net version to match tag 40d58c1
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Remove macosx/prebuilt from 6b1f7dd
@buginator buginator Fix edit boxes so they correctly calculate the string's pixel borders.
Motivation of this patch was because of some whiny guy on IRC. ;)

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Korean translation update by urgood2.
Closes #2098.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Don't allow a player to acquire more construction vehicles than the m…
…ax amount allowed.

Fixes ticket:2175

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator As a temporary solution, don't spawn more oil drums when you pick one…
… up.

Will apply the patch that fixes the issue when I find it.

refs ticket:2174

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@dak180 dak180 Update the Make DMGs for Release script.
Randomness from :
things occurred

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Do a bounds check not to exceed NUM_FACTORY_TYPES. 4b45c47
@buginator buginator Change spawning of oil drums to be host side, and also add a timer be…
…tween spawn periods.

Fixes ticket:2174

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Check that pFunctionality is valid before using it.
refs ticket:2171

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Make sure pointer is valid before using it.
refs ticket:2171

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@dak180 dak180 Add build bot scripts. 07b6944
@buginator buginator Fix SP bug that didn't set the limits correctly for the Cyborg Factor…
…y, it really should be fixed in the scripts, however, this will not harm anything, just note that the current limit is MAX_FACTORY which is currently 5.

This will *not* fix savegames that already went past the limit!

NOTE: Our next release after 2.3.5 will have it fixed in the scripts.

refs ticket:2173

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Make sure pointer is valid before using it.
refs ticket:2171

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@dak180 dak180 Minor fixes to the buildbot scripts. fa09cf6
@buginator buginator On LOG_ERROR, notify people in-game via the console and a sound effec…
…t that there was a error.

It will only do this once every ~30 secs since the last LOG_ERROR was generated to prevent spamming.

This is to help windows and mac users know that there was a error condition, and they need to check their logs.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
René Jürgens fixing the sound problem with - old 1.10 balance 1fbfc3a
@dak180 dak180 It helps to clean the right configuration. fa66688
@buginator buginator Thanks to the follow individuals for the new icons! Forum members "Jo…
…rzi" (kick icon) "CinC" (VTOL/NO VTOL icon) and "n2large0shirt" (Cyborg / no Cyborg icon)

Thanks to Mysteryem for cleaning up the icons and doing some modifications as well so they all match the theme.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Update ChangeLog for 2.3.5 33449a2
René Jürgens Balance: 1 Tile more range for MNM Silo + added BPs nuke.pie |
Cleanup: At old .pie and some .txt Files |
Adding needed Texpages: To make sure that it runs correctly in the future

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@buginator buginator Bump netcode version # bf50451
@dak180 dak180 Use sub dirs. 98e0eaf
@buginator buginator sync version # with the 2.3.5 tag 754e434
@buginator buginator Fix NSIS to also add the COPYING.README & COPYING.NONGPL files. 6e8dfff
@dak180 dak180 Update the lt .strings file.
Refs #2199.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Italian translation update by Alpha93.
Closes #2199.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. baf898b
@kreuvf kreuvf Updated German translation c16bf58
@dak180 dak180 Bump the upload limit up for the buildbot. d9d29ea
@dak180 dak180 Update libpng to 1.4.4 and use better cleaning for updated libs. 94b6d36
@dak180 dak180 Make sure the licence is in the bundle. 1ec5262
René Jürgens Fixing Ticket #1748 e0ced0e
@Cyp Cyp Make autorevision.cpp print Git commit SHA1s. 7a8fb08
@perim perim Fix zero armour in damage calculation bug. 0f3bfba
@perim perim Do not activate a radar detector before it has been completely built.…
… Closes ticket:2202
@buginator buginator CHANGELOG: Correctly handle unicode strings for edit boxes.
fixes ticket:2209
@perim perim Make power generator output not depend on the game difficulty setting…
…. Update ChangeLog.
@Cyp Cyp Fix droid order lists not getting cleared when giving a build order.
(cherry picked from commit 6e3821c)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. ab9a31c
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Include autorevision.h in the tarball for Mac builds. fa3abb7
@Cyp Cyp Add version stuff for mac, and shorten version display in-game to a 7…
… char hash.

(cherry picked from commit 9b9d178)
@Cyp Cyp Fix "(modified locally)".
Was hard to see it was broken, since the po/ directory keeps getting modified, so "(modified locally)" is often correct.
(cherry picked from commit ba7100f)
@Cyp Cyp Add fallback to -42, if git rev-list doesn't support --count.
The --count option was introduced in f69c501832ecd6880602c55565508e70c3a013d5 in git v1.7.2-rc1.
(cherry picked from commit 405ae28)
@Cyp Cyp Add defaults to autorevision.cpp for when not in a git repository.
(cherry picked from commit 22cda4f)
@dak180 dak180 Hook the mac versioning system up to the new git stuff.
Also some other git related housekeeping.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Put changelog formatting script into the branch we actually release f…

(cherry picked from commit 9b10824)
@buginator buginator Fix another memory clobbering issue. (dereferenced pointer)
Patch Author: Safety0ff
fixes ticket:2300

Original detective work done by Ai_Tak (ticket:1656)

Signed-off-by: buginator <>
(cherry picked from commit 1a6fb8a)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Add Turkish translation by Ayhan Görgülü.
Closes #2261.
(cherry picked from commit 255a0e2)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update the dependencies for the Windows cross build.
DejaVu fonts: 2.31 -> 2.32
freetype: 2.3.12 -> 2.4.3
gettext: 1.18.1 ->
libogg: 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1
libpng: 1.2.44 -> 1.4.4
libvorbis: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.2
(cherry picked from commit fe941ab)
(cherry picked from commit 064edb1)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations from 3.0. b2ac76f
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. c17f420
@buginator buginator CHANGELOG: Fix rearming pads to actually repair units
refs ticket:1581
fixes ticket:2313
fixes ticket:2234

Fix rearming pads so they actually rearm at the speed they're intended to. Also make rearming upgrades affect rearming pad repair speed. Replaces REARM_PAD.currentPtsAdded with REARM_PAD.timeLastUpdated, but savefiles should still be compatible.

git-svn-id: 4a71c877-e1ca-e34f-864e-861f7616d084
(cherry picked from commit 75569d1)


(cherry picked from commit 6421c81)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Turkish translation update by Ayhan Görgülü.
Closes #2316.
@Cyp Cyp Fix broken mapObjIsAboveGround and incorrect lighting normals due to …

Changelog: Fix projectiles going through terrain due to bad terrain height calculations.
Changelog: Fix terrain shading.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 68670b2
@Cyp Cyp Fix broken check for giving too many trucks to a player. Caused desyn…
…chs due to players not agreeing who owned what.

The check against selectedPlayer was incorrect, it caused clients with max trucks + 1 to not believe anyone could give trucks to anyone else.

Introduced in e6cd099.

Changelog: Really fix truck limit when giving trucks.
@Cyp Cyp Fix multiturret droids trying to look at invalid weapon slots of stru…
…ctures when looking at their targets.
@Safety0ff Safety0ff Revert "Fix another memory clobbering issue. (dereferenced pointer)"
This reverts commit 34112c9.
@Safety0ff Safety0ff 2.3: Fix an invalid pointer dereferencing issue in the script events …

Closes #2300.
@Safety0ff Safety0ff Remove use of uninitialized variable. 86ea955
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Allow process to be traced for the crash handler.
Some distributions disallow this (newer Ubuntu for example), so the gdb call
didn't output anything useful. Based on a patch by Safety0ff.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. b3472d5
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Korean translation update by urgood2.
Closes #2098.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. 39222cc
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 23ae119
@Cyp Cyp Backport configure/Makefile and warning fixes from master, to be able…
… to compile with -O2 but without -Wno-error.

This looks like a huge commit, because it touches lots of files.
@Cyp Cyp Fix clients and/or host crashing due to the last client clicking read…
…y too many times. Based on patch by Buggy.

Throw in a few checks for changing player position or team, too.

Closes ticket:2346.

Changelog: Fixed crash for all players when the last player clicks "Ready" too many times.
@dak180 dak180 Add Turkish and Korean translations to the mac build.
Refs #2098 & #2316.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Polish translation update by Emdek.
Closes #1347.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 1d411ac
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update netcode version. b945e61
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix ChangeLog date... 8f543b4
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Put ifdefs around Linux-specific header/function.
Closes #2366.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Italian translation update by Alpha93.
Refs #2367.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Turkish translation update by Ayhan Görgülü.
Closes #2376.
@dak180 dak180 png changed their download path. 4f8865b
@dak180 dak180 Add hgignores. 8a91fb9
cybersphinx and others added some commits Feb 9, 2011
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Change the backup download location for the cross-build.
Use instead of
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Use a tarball for quesoglc instead of svn export.
(cherry picked from commit 7232b97)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Change video download location to Sourceforge for the Windows installer.
(cherry picked from commit caee6e3)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix cross-build popt download. dc4eede
@perim perim Fix compile warnings 87499cf
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Increase recycled experience storage in memory. 703665b
@cybersphinx cybersphinx French translation update by Gilles J. Seguin. cdd283c
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Portuguese and Brazilian translation update by Tucalipe.
Closes #2489.
@Cyp Cyp Bump year.
sed -i 's/\(Copyright (C) .*-201\)0\( *Warzone 2100 Project\)/\11\2/' {src,lib/*{,/*}}/*.{c,cpp,h,y,l}
@perim perim Fix string names in 1.10-balance mod 9943ff3
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix building with gcc 4.5. c8f295d
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Explicitly link to libXt when using Motif. 492a031
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Remove "Truck ordered to build Oil Derrick" message.
Refs #2511.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. 38eaa8f
@buginator buginator Try to mitigate pointer corruption.
    While this gets around the problem, this doesn't fix the root cause of said
    From what I can tell, it looks like a template gets invalid somehow, then it
    gets deleted but there are still pointers from that template in other
    This might have to do with our unicode issues, as can be seen by the savegame
    in ticket:2222

    I can't replicate this with the described procedures in either ticket:2222 or

    close ticket:1906
(sorry about ticket spam)

Hopefully fixes #2533.
@dak180 dak180 Update the dmg script. 8b253a4
@dak180 dak180 Add some error and status messages to the buildbot scripts. 37ba91c
@dak180 dak180 Update the uurl setting for the buildbot scripts. ee0bff8
@dak180 dak180 Ensure that the buildbot script exits with the proper status. 8ffe6e0
@Cyp Cyp Slightly more informative LOG_DEATH. c862f6f
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Show translated rank when clicking on a unit. bcca85a
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Add Hungarian translation by Mészáros Tamás.
Also sort the LANG_NAMEs.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix a bit of grammar. 2510696
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Add Catalan translation by mecatxis.
Closes #2616.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. 6e36e30
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 0a8b8ef
@dak180 dak180 Add the strings files for ca_ES and a template for hu.
Refs #2616
@Safety0ff Safety0ff Fix exchndl.c to work with recent versions of BFD.
Hopefully fixes #343.
@Safety0ff Safety0ff Revert premature commit: "Fix exchndl.c to work with recent versions …
…of BFD."

This reverts commit 5eace4e.
@dak180 dak180 Clean up the project file a bit. 043ae66
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Hungarian translation update by mtomi78. b7cc16c
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix typo. 99f6581
@dak180 dak180 Update png to 1.4.6. 923c6a8
@perim perim Add some additional debug info to assert for better tracing ticket:2626 dc1a2f5
@dak180 dak180 Update png to 1.4.7. a1df50b
@dak180 dak180 Build the index. 5c12da3
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix two typos in the German translation.
Closes #2623, refs #2654.
@perim perim Reduce the severity of the Sound ID warning, since it appears for no …
…good reason all the time.
@perim perim Do some extra sanity checking of droids' actions and orders before sa…
…ving a game,

to help prevent corrupted savegames. Backported from qt branch. Closes ticket:2100
@perim perim Update changelog b8b6196
@dak180 dak180 Explicitly define the architectures. 6554ab1
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 02a0cab
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Clarify error message when hosting a game fails.
Also make it translatable.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. 96ef458
@dak180 dak180 Update the excluded translations. 5a5e16e
@perim perim Two new 2 player maps by NoQ. 697afb1
@perim perim Forgot one file ebfc46b
@perim perim 2.3: Add safeguard against savegame corruption when saving script dat…
…a. This closes ticket:2625.
@perim perim 2.3: More savegame safeguards. Closes ticket:2627. fc0f878
@Zarel Zarel The Override Mods system has been extended to support Override Maps. …
…When starting a game, only the active map should be loaded. This may slow down game starting.

Cherry-picked from 2083b1f.
@Zarel Zarel Fix indentation; add a comment.(cherry picked from commit a3cff87) c13a8b2
@Zarel Zarel Fix support for 10-player maps, which were apparently added during my…
… absence.(cherry picked from commit b893e4d)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx German translation update by Kreuvf.
Closes #2679.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Don't uselessly include static libraries in other static libraries.
Saves ~14 MB of diskspace when building.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Prevent building on burning oil.
Add a counter per map tile for fire effects, only clear the "is burning" bit
when it is 0.

This works only because the part that actually loaded effects from savegames
vanished in 695cd8e, so we start with a clean
slate after loading.

Closes #1100.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. 6321a34
@Safety0ff Safety0ff Clean up videoLoop function. 58f7a8e
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Increase video texture size to 1024x1024. 1f46905
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Make sure to deallocate video texture. 54d5018
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Make video display blurred instead of blocky. da69062
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Use quad instead of triangle strip to show videos. aa68b5e
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Make video subtitles more readable.
Similar to the previous shadow; draws the text in black four times, offset to
the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and then the bright text
above that.
@buginator buginator Fix Dutch translation (Thanks to Giel)
Make viewing the GPL text a click-through.
Bump the (c) year.
(cherry picked from commit 33a9262)


@cybersphinx cybersphinx Optimize YUV to RGB conversion.
Refs #816.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Add an option for scanlines when playing videos.
Shows either no, 50% dimmed or black scanlines. Disabled if the video texture
is too small (needs 2 * video height), or the video is shown so small that the
scanlines can't be noticed.

Closes #2095.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Merge branch 't/2.3/mapmod' into 2.3
Refs #2610, closes #2688.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Fix pie files for NTW mod bodies.
Closes #2177.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Allow projectiles to go through terrain again.
Reverts part of 08f9fa5.

Closes #2386.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. ca4cbdb
@perim perim Make minimap not look so tiny when starting tiny maps, like campaign.…
… Clean out some dead code.

Cherry-picked from 8934dfd.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Only use the larger minimap when the resolution is larger than 480 in…
… height.

Refs 5731d0e, closes #2694.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Calculate the 50% scanlines with bit-fiddling.
(cherry picked from commit 4669590)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Make YUV to RGB conversion work on big endian as well.
Refs #816.
(cherry picked from commit 2a637d0)
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Show damage for oil derricks and repair facilities.
Others would need updated translations, left for after 2.3.8. Refs #2634.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Round experience when saving.
In-game it is a float, but saved as (truncated) int. Refs #2641.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Show experience with one decimal place.
Should make it clearer that it is not an integer number. Closes #2641.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. fab9242
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. a543ba7
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Merge branch 't/2.3/sequencestuff' into 2.3 689e73b
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update ChangeLog. f56a409
@dak180 dak180 A better way to tell if we have the right lib version. 6711ebc
@dak180 dak180 Move source downloading to take advantage of change detection. 7649415
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Some nsis fixes.
Don't set the compressor in the file, since it's set on the command line
already (prevents a warning). Remove COPYING.* files.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update translations. 7c5aad1
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Update .gitignore. 7860181
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Show power generator effects for all players. adeacf6
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Include/declaration cleanup for lib/framework.
Refs #1647.
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Make distance static and use the existing accessor functions elsewhere. bbcf6b9
@cybersphinx cybersphinx Readd assert.h for Windows builds.
Got lost in aa3eed6.
@RomanoFC RomanoFC Edited po/nl.po via GitHub 56198a7
The Warzone 2100 Project member

Thanks. That actually worked well for both master and 2.3. Since the translation commits get mentioned in the Changelog, those piecemeal updates are not that good, I guess I'll squash several together in the future.

Also, please post in the translation thread:

dak180 commented May 11, 2011

I would then suggest reading Translation and Translation/Mac wiki pages.

The Warzone 2100 Project member
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