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How do I help translate?

Help us get translated into your native language and reach more people.

Notes for translators:

  • All translation happens in the Crowdin project. Do not open pull requests directly on the repository for translation updates.
    • This helps us ensure consistency of output & formatting, provide a measure of Quality Assurance, and keep discussions about translations in a single place where they are in-line with the strings themselves.
  • By participating in this project, you agree to the code of conduct:
  • If you find an error in the source English strings, open a new issue / pull request on the Warzone2100/ repository.
  • Discussion about specific translations can occur in-line (see the Comments section to the side, when viewing a translated string).

Notes for developers:

  • The translation setup for this repo relies on several workflows / scripts, and the translation_integration branch.
  • The native Hugo / go-i18n strings and content files in the master branch are processed, filtered, and converted before they are synced to the translation_integration branch.
  • Edits are then made in Crowdin.
  • When edits / translations are approved, Crowdin opens a PR to sync those changes back to the processed/converted files in the translation_integration branch.
  • When that PR is merged, a workflow then processes and merges the converted data back into the Hugo / go-i18n strings and content files and syncs to the master branch.
  • All of this ensures several things:
    • Crowdin deals with formats that it supports
    • Hugo deals with formats that it supports
    • Front-matter that should not be translated is not sent to Crowdin, cannot be accidentally edited there, and remains in-sync between different language versions of content files.

For developers merging translation PRs:

  • When merging a "New Crowdin translations" PR:
    • You may want to use "Squash and Merge" if there’s a gigantic list of commits (or repeated updates of the same language files) to minimize clutter in the main commit history.
  • If a "New Crowdin translations" PR can’t be merged (ex. because of merge conflicts / outdated translation branch):
    • Close the Pull Request.
    • Delete the l10n_translation_integration branch.

    Crowdin will then (eventually) re-create the l10n_translation_integration branch, and submit a new PR, effectively rebased on the latest translation_integration branch. This may take up to 24 hours to occur, as we have configured Crowdin to batch pushes to its l10n_* service branch.

For developers activating a new language:

To activate a new language, there are two steps:

  1. Edit config.yaml
    1. Add a new section to the languages: section with the appropriate language identifier and:
      • localized languageName
      • a weight of 2 (or more, but should almost always be 2, especially if you aren't sure)
      • the proper contentDir
  2. Add the corresponding flag (if missing) to themes/wz2100net/static/img/flags/<lang>.svg
    • Flags are from:
    • (You will likely need to download the Twemoji archive locally, as GitHub limits the number of files displayed.)
    • You can determine the appropriate filename using any of the various emoji search sites to look up the corresponding Unicode codepoints.
    • Rename the svg to <lang>.svg