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Add a link about mod types and fix indentation.

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commit 69a5d60a63aeeeea7983ba9067abdf1b583bceb3 1 parent f70971b
dak180 authored March 08, 2012
2 
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ function fileform_errors(errors)
44 44
 	<li><strong>Do not</strong> create maps that have the <em>same name</em>.</li>
45 45
 	<li><strong>Do not</strong> convert 8 or 4 player maps to 7/6/5/3 players <em>and leave the name the same!</em></li>
46 46
 	<li>All maps should have a version number in them, until the final map is done.</li>
+    <li>All mods with maps in them should be listed under MODS, not maps!</li>
+    <li>Mods <strong>must</strong> have <a href="">the right extension for its type</a> (you cannot currently change the type after uploading).</li>
47 49
48 50
49 51
   $youraddons = getyouraddons();

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