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Warzone 2100 Lobbyserver - next generation

This is my implementation of the new Warzone Masterserver. Read more about its protocol at


  • Application organisation

    • setuptools installer
    • config file per commandline
    • init.d script
    • pid file and log file location
  • wzlobby.protocol.ProtocolSwitcher

    • It should rebase the protocol not proxy it
  • Protocol v4

    • Needs more tests



  • clone this repository
  • Import the lobby db: $sudo postgres psql warzone_lobby < ./data/lobby.sql
  • copy wzlobby/ to wzlobby/
  • edit wzlobby/ for your needs

Basic usage:


cd <your clone>

or in console:

./bin/ -n


cd <your clone>
kill $(cat


cd <your clone>
kill -HUP $(cat

view the log

cd <your clone>
tail -f twistd.log
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