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Adapteva Parallella Screener (The Foreman) instructions:

Wasatch Photonics uses Adapteva Parallella SKU P1601-DK03's as an embedded linux system. Core capabilities required include a USB bus that is available at least 83% of the time on boot up. A screener was created to allow us to find the incoming Parallella boards that meet this level of usb availability. This setup consists of 4 Parallella DC adapters connected to a Phidgets software controlled relay. This relay turns on the devices for 35 seconds, issues a 'lsusb' command on each device, and stores the status of the usb availability. The device is then turned off for 75 seconds, then the process is repeated. This will produce summary results like:

04:4F:8B:00:2C:6E Pass: 1553, Fail: 1058 (55.56% failure rate) 04:4F:8B:00:2C:7C Pass: 610, Fail: 1999 (86.42% failure rate) 04:4F:8B:00:2C:72 Pass: 2596, Fail: 14 ( 1.23% failure rate)

You can see historical results here: Foreman results

Read all about Parallella USB issues here:

Here is what the Foreman looks like in practice: foreman hardware

Use this tool to summarize the data into readable graphs:

Foreman screenshot

copy the disk image onto an sd card (see parallela instructions) These instructions use: ubuntu-14.04-headless-z7010-20150130.1.img

Boot the system, find it on the network with: nmap -p22 --open

Find the entry like: Nmap scan report for 192.168.1.xx Host is up (0.00034s latency). PORT STATE SERVICE 22/tcp open ssh MAC Address: 04:4F:8B:00:2C:7C (Adapteva)

cat | ssh parallella@192.168.1.xx "mkdir ~/.ssh/; cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" (enter password: parallella)

SSH to the device, change the ip address to boot static by replacing the contents of /etc/network/interfaces.d/eth0 with:

auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address gateway netmask dns-nameservers

Reboot the device and verify it comes up on the network with the static boot address.

Repeat the process above for every SD card to be used in the test script. For example, the test here at Wasatch Photonics Systems Division is setup to screen 4 Parallelas simultaneous with IP's 150-153.

On the control system, install the phidgets usb drivers. Run the control program with the command:

python -u

This will begin the power cycling procedure and create a file with the format: 2015-04-01 ... Device 001: ... HWaddr 04:4f:8b:00:2c:72 2015-04-01 ... libusb: -99 ... HWaddr 04:4f:8b:00:2c:7c

Where any entry with libusb: -99 signifies a usb failure, and the HWaddr is the mac address for the parallela.

Separate programs can be used to process this information into more readable data as shown on the page: Foreman results

Raw data is here: Raw data