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Scripts for accessing the Human Connectome Project server
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Client utilities for the Human Connectome Project ConnectomeDB

hcp_dcm_dump: display DICOM metadata from archived files

Displays DICOM metadata for one file in the named session.


hcp_dcm_dump -u USER[:PASSWORD] -s SESSION-ID [-p PROJECT-ID] [-r SCAN-ID] [-f FIELD]...


This script is a command-line wrapper for the IntraDB DICOM dump service that displays its results in a format similar to the DCMTK utility dcmdump.

With no field (-f) arguments, it displays all DICOM metadata for one file selected arbitrarily from the specified session. If a scan is specified (-r), the file is chosen from that scan. If no project is specified (-p), the project is assumed to be HCP_Phase2.

If field arguments are provided, only the specified fields are displayed. Fields may be specified as 8-hex-digit numeric tags or by name:

hcp_dcm_dump -u hcpuser -s 001_strc -f 00080020 -f SeriesNumber

Fields in Siemens shadow headers may be specified as shadow-header-tag:field-name :

hcp_dcm_dump -u hcpuser -s 001_strc -f 00291020:GradientMode


The output for the Siemens MR Phoenix Protocol is a big mess.

Questions? Contact Kevin A. Archie

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