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Host Your Own Web Wallet In A Box
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web wallet in a box

Note: Don't port forward your wallet, or you will lose everything. If you dont know what port forwarding is, you dont have to worry.


You can see a demo of what your wallet will look like Here

If you have never made a TRTL wallet, download the latest release of TurtleCoin and move the turtle-service file to the same folder as your box turtle. Then, you can generate a new wallet by copy and pasting these commands:

Note: If you need help with any of these steps, head on down to the Official TurtleCoin discord server! They are very friendly and will gladly help you.


On Windows, all you have to do is run the start.bat file!


On Linux/Mac, all you have to do is run the file!


This setup guide tells you how to go from zero to running a full TurtleCoin wallet in no time!

Additional Information

Alternatively, you can use --daemon-address to use a local TurtleCoind you've got open.

If you want to change the RPC password, set it in the config.js file and in the --rpc-password

Make sure you are using a version of turtle-service that supports the --enable-cors arg, launch walletd with --help to verify.

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