Python client libraries for ISO and other power grid data sources.


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pyiso provides Python client libraries for ISO and other power grid data sources. It powers the WattTime API (, among other things.


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  • 0.4.0: Added BCH (trade-only), EIA, IESO, NBPower, NSPower, AESO, PEI, SASK, NLHydro and YUKON authorities. Added ccgt as fuel type. Removed get_lmp function (backward-incompatible change).
  • 0.3.19: Fix bug with Biomass/Fossil fuel type for BPA
  • 0.3.18: Fix bug with PJM date parsing
  • 0.3.17: Fix bug with Black Liquor fuel type for PJM
  • 0.3.16: Implement ISONE get_morningreport and get_sevendayforecast
  • 0.3.15: Minor bugfixes to CAISO get_generation.
  • 0.3.14: Minor bugfixes to ISONE, PJM, and ERCOT.
  • 0.3.13: Major feature: generation mix in PJM (RTHR market only). Minor change: SSL handling in BPA.
  • 0.3.12: Bugfix: fixed EU authentication, thanks @frgtn!
  • 0.3.11: Changes: timeout_seconds kwarg to client constructor; do not remember options from one get_* call to the next.
  • 0.3.10: Changes: Historical DAHR LMP data in NYISO is not available using market='DAHR'; error is raised when trying to access historical RT5M LMP data in PJM.
  • 0.3.9: Fixes breaking error with BeautifulSoup. Minor fixes: closes issues #79, #84.
  • 0.3.8: Minor feature: Historical NYISO LMP data available farther into the past.
  • 0.3.7: Change: For CAISO historical generation, defaults to DAHR market instead of RTHR if no market is provided.
  • 0.3.6: Change: If forecast=True is requested without specifying start_at or end_at, start_at will default to the current time; previously it defaulted to midnight in the ISO's local time. Bugfixes: times outside the start_at-end_at range are no longer returned for ISONE generation and load, CAISO DAHR generation.
  • 0.3.5: Minor feature: all tasks can accept strings for start_at and end_at kwargs.
  • 0.3.2: Minor feature: get_lmp task. Minor bugfixes: safer handling of response errors for load (BPA, ERCOT, MISO, NVEnergy, PJM) and generation (BPA, CAISO, ERCOT, ISONE, NYISO); clean up LMP tests.
  • 0.3.1: Minor changes for PJM real-time load data: fall back to OASIS if Data Snapshot is down, round time down to nearest 5 min period. Major feature: SVERI back up.
  • 0.3.0: Major features: Add LMP to all ISOs, license change. Please contact us for alternative licenses. Bugfixes: SVERI has a new URL. Minor features: CAISO has 15-minute RTPD market.
  • 0.2.23: Major fix: ERCOT real-time data format changed, this release is updated to match the new format. Minor fixes to excel date handling with pandas 0.18, and MISO forecast.
  • 0.2.22: Feature: LMP in NYISO, thanks @ecalifornica! Bug fixes for DST transition.
  • 0.2.21: Major feature: generation mix in NYISO. Bug fix: time zone handling in NYISO.
  • 0.2.18: Minor change: enforce pandas version 0.17 or higher.
  • 0.2.17: Minor change: Limit retries in base.request, and increase time between retries.
  • 0.2.16: Major fix: PJM deprecated the data source that was used in previous releases. This release uses a new data source that has load and tie flows, but not wind. So PJM generation mix has been deprecated for the moment--hopefully it will return in a future release.
  • 0.2.15: Minor changes: enforce pandas 0.16.2 and change NYISO index labelling to fix NYISO regression in some environments.
  • 0.2.14: Major features: forecast load in ERCOT, MISO, NYISO, PJM; forecast genmix in MISO; forecast trade in MISO. Minor changes: fixed DST bug in BPA, refactored several to better use pandas.
  • 0.2.13: Minor bugfix: Better able to find recent data in NVEnergy.
  • 0.2.12: Major features: EU support, support for throttling in CAISO. Minor upgrades: Improve docs, dedup logging messages.
  • 0.2.11: Minor bugfixes. Also, made a backward-incompatible change to the data structure that's returned from get_ancillary_services in CAISO.
  • 0.2.10: Fixed bug in CAISO LMP DAM.
  • 0.2.9: Added load and generation mix for SVERI (AZPS, DEAA, ELE, HGMA, IID, GRIF, PNM, SRP, TEPC, WALC)
  • 0.2.8: Added lmp in ISONE. Also, made a backward-incompatible change to the data structure that's returned from get_lmp in CAISO.
  • 0.2.7: Added load and trade in Nevada Energy (NEVP and SPPC)
  • 0.2.1: Added load (real-time 5-minute and hourly forecast) in ISONE
  • 0.2.0: Maintained Python 2.7 support and added Python 3.4! Thanks @emunsing