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Wattics API Client Ruby

A Ruby client side API that simplifies sending larger amounts of data to Wattics platform.


Add the gem to you Gemfile and run bundle install.

gem 'wattics-api-client'

bundle install

Getting started

Here is an example code to get you started with the API. Remember to use a valid username and password. Important: wait_until_last must be included at the end of all sends, missing this command may cause the loss of data.

require 'wattics-api-client'

agent = Agent.get_instance

agent.add_measurement_sent_handler do
  -> (measurement, response) {
    puts "#{response.code} - #{measurement}"

# config =, "username", "password")
config =,'username', 'password')

simple_measurement = = 'gas-meter-id-01'
simple_measurement.value = 12.3
simple_measurement.timestamp =
agent.send(simple_measurement, config)

electricity_measurement = = "elec-meter-id-02"
electricity_measurement.timestamp =
electricity_measurement.active_energy_phase_a = 5.12
electricity_measurement.active_energy_phase_b = 1.5
# ...
agent.send(electricity_measurement, config)


Groups of measurements

You may also want send groups of measurements.

measurements = [simple_measurement1, electricity_measurement1, simple_measurement2, ...]

agent.send(measurements, config)

simple_measurements = [simple_measurement1, simple_measurement2, simple_measurement3, ...]
eletric_measurements = [electric_measurement1, electric_measurement2, electric_measurement3, ..]

agent.send(simple_measurements, config)
agent.send(electric_measurements, config)


Handlers for callbacks

After sending the data you may want to check if it was sent correctly. For this you have access to measurement and response. You can set different handlers for the callbacks using add_measurement_sent_handler. You can set as many handlers as you like.

Priting to the console and saving to a file.

agent.add_measurement_sent_handler do
  -> (measurement, response) {
    puts "#{response.code} - #{measurement}"

agent.add_measurement_sent_handler do
  -> (measurement, response) {'results.txt', 'a') do |line|
      line.puts "#{response.code} - #{measurement}"


In case there is an error sending a point data, the gem will keep trying until it is sent. Errors will be logged to the terminal. See some common errors.

Not registered or wrong credentials.

$ Server Response: HTTP Status 401 - Full authentication is required to access this resource

Internet connection down.

$ Server Response: Failed to open TCP connection to (getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname provided, or not known)

Parallel Sends

When running agent.get_instance, it will spin twice as many as virtual processors as system has available. Ex. If your system is a dual core, and has 4 virtual processors, the gem will spin up 8 parallel send processes for maximum performance.

In some cases you may want to limit how many processes are created. You can specify this when creating an instance of the agent. agent.get_instance(number of processors) In case you exceed the maximum limit, it will set for to the default maximum.

# Limiting send processes to two.