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.NET binding for WebGL through WebAssembly
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Marcos Cobeña Morián
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.NET binding for WebGL through WebAssembly. See the samples running here.

If you want to jump in quickly, Your first WebGL.NET app will guide you step by step.

Installation instructions

Apart from adding the NuGet package, make a local copy of:

  • this packages folder, which contains mandatory NuGets from Mono still not published in; and
  • this NuGet.config along your SLN/CSPROJ


  • WebGL 1 & 2 support
  • API C#-ified to make .NET Developers feel at home

Who's using it?

Apart from serving Wave Engine 3.0 for the Web, it's being used in some other really nice projects, such like:


Run this in browser's Console to monitor how many bridged objects there are in such moment:



  • @kjpou1, for your PRs improving performance overall, along with nice comments on how stuff work underneath
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