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Get started | Manual | Configuration

Wayfire is a 3D Wayland compositor, inspired by Compiz and based on wlroots.

It aims to create a customizable, extendable and lightweight environment without sacrificing its appearance.

Wayfire demos YouTube Play Button · Wayfire demos


Wayfire Dependencies

These are the dependencies needed for building Wayfire.

wlroots Dependencies

These are the dependencies needed for building wlroots, and should be installed before building it. They are relevant for cases when the system doesn't have a version of wlroots installed.

Session Provider (optional, recommended)

XWayland Support (optional)

X11 Backend (optional)


The easiest way to install Wayfire, wf-shell and WCM to get a functional desktop is to use the install scripts.

Alternatively, you can build from source:

meson build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install

Note: wf-config and wlroots can be built as submodules, by specifying -Duse_system_wfconfig=disabled and -Duse_system_wlroots=disabled options to meson. This is the default if they are not present on your system.

Installing wf-shell is recommended for a complete experience.

Arch Linux

wayfire and wayfire-git are available in the AUR.

yay -S wayfire
cave resolve -x wayfire
dnf install wayfire

Install the latest release and recommended addons with

pkg install wayfire wayfire-plugins-extra wf-shell wcm

Install the latest release with

emerge --ask --verbose wayfire

and to use the live version

emerge --ask --verbose "=gui-wm/wayfire-9999"

See nixpkgs-wayland.


See the build instructions from @soreau.

xbps-install -S wayfire


Copy wayfire.ini to ~/.config/wayfire.ini. Before running Wayfire, you may want to change the command to start a terminal. See the Configuration document for information on the options.


Run wayfire from a TTY, or via a Wayland-compatible login manager.